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  1. Obviously when tasting a gin on its own it's gonna have in most cases completely different tasting notes then when mixed with a tonic or in a cocktails. Which might be because dilution helps to open up its botanicals so I always pour a bit of water when tasting a gin then I know how it's gonna behave in a cocktails. I found that full bodied gins with a higher strength work very well in a Martini such as Gilpins.Tanqueray 10, Sipsmith. or Broker's. And I am not a huge fan of gins which are intended to taste like vodka such as Bombay Samphire but less flavour means better for fruity cocktaills.
  2. My version of Perfect Manhattan 50ml(2oz.) Rye Whiskey (Rittenhouse)15ml(1/2oz.) Carpano Antica Formula15ml (1/2oz.)Dolin Dry VermouthDash of Abbott's Bitters
  3. I couldn't help it and I want to share my opinion about the topic. If you've enjoyed your G&T so far then you probably wouldn't want to add other ingredients into it. I like to keep G&T in the form Gin, Tonic and Garnish. What are the things that might cause you a bad experience with G&T? First of all it might have been poorly served. Proper serve would be large highball glass or balloon glass filled with a lots of ice and Ratio 1:3 Gin to Tonic Water which may vary slightly depending on particular gin brand. Preferences of gin brand depends on a personal taste but I agree with Fever-tree tonic water as a best on the market. Garnish is not a matter of either lime or lemon, one of the great garnishes is slice of pink grapefruit which works well with a majority of gins, garnish should not overpower but compliment G&T and lastly good quality gin does not need squeezed lime inside. These are my personal preferences so maybe somebody is gonna be inspired by that:)
  4. My name is Martin and I've been working in hospitality for many years so I do enjoy a good food but I am mainly focused on mixology, cocktails, spirits or anything related. I am currently dedicated to these topics studying, writing a blog and creating new content on daily basis so if anyone is looking for any unanswered question which is related to any of these topics then I am happy to help. And hopefully I'll find some good info as well in the forum or perhaps learn something about good food and cooking which shares many techniques with Mixology. Cheers!
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