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  1. On 3/16/2018 at 10:05 AM, patris said:

    I had a little marshmallow side hustle for a few years some time ago, and we did a bunch of fruit flavors. I never did get a robust strawberry flavor, but we did passionfruit, raspberry, cherry, orange and lime with good success. Here's the basic recipe I came up with, which fills a (well-greased, nonstick) 9X13 pan about an inch to an inch and a quarter high, or a half-sheet pan about three-quarters of an inch:



    .75 oz gelatin


    4 oz fruit puree (we did passionfruit, raspberry, cherry) or fruit juice (we did orange and I have done lime and pomegranate since then)


    Cook to 240 F:

    16 oz sugar

    7 oz light corn syrup

    4 oz puree or juice

    1/4 to 1/2 tsp citric acid


    Beat into bloomed fruit/gelatin


    Beat on high until max volume achieved - 7 minutes? I always looked for lots of strings of marshmallow to form between beater and bowl.


    The flavor probably did fade a little over time, but it was so intense that I don't think they suffered much overall.


    One note on the orange - getting the right juice was tricky. At first it always came out more like very soft taffy than marshmallow, but we tried a bunch of different brands and eventually ended up finding that we needed a not-from-concentrate, no-pulp juice (it was a long time ago but I think we used Florida's Best or Tropicana). My suspicion was that there was a lot of oil from the orange peels in the other brands and it interfered with aeration, but who knows.


    What was the shelf life on these, and how/where did you store them? Thanks

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