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  1. Not yet, but I am DYING to. Gosh I hope I can get over there to try it soon.
  2. Yeah Joncarl's restaurant is exciting for sure. Opening Wed: September 30th. Reservations are being accepted on OpenTable: http://www.opentable.com/restaurant/profile/169360?DateTime=2015-09-30+19%3A00&Covers=4&OnlyOffers=false&RestaurantIDs=169360&MetroId=13 Oh yeah, the new Chowhound blows. I posted something about my friends gluten-free dinner that she is participating in and they flagged it as too promotional/advertising. F them.
  3. So glad there are some South Jersey folks in the house. We haven't been to Lamberti, Norma's for Fuji yet. A Fuji visit is imminent very soon. But first we have a "sushi date" at Sagami in Collingswood lined up with some friends. I work in Haddonfield now and there are a lot of food options. Will have to try Angelo's or suggest it to the bosses for Friday lunch. It's definitely Pho season very soon, too. There's definitely many places to pick from around here. Thanks all!
  4. This forum is dominated by North Jersey. I'd like to change that and start some threads about dining in South Jersey. There's GOT to be some people from South Jersey here?? Or maybe not! I live in Camden County, just over the bridge from Philadelphia. The "hot spots" for great dining in this area are Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Haddonfield. The latter being "dry" towns so no booze. Lots of BYOBs. However, Westmont which is sandwiched between the two towns is not dry, so you can get alcohol at PJ Whelihan's, The Pour House or Keg & Kitchen. Neighboring Burlington County has great options in Moorestown (yet another dry town), especially in the Moorestown Mall now that they allowed liquor licenses. Osteria by Marc Vetri is great as is Distrito by Jose Garces. I'll update this thread as I go... but feel free to chime in if you've dined in the area.
  5. Sbraga is being sued over it, too. But I think he'll bounce back from it.
  6. I really liked the Village Belle when it was there. I am not sure if the location will work for them. So it will be interesting to see what happens.
  7. This forum is too quiet. I hope to kick start new discussions here about the Philadelphia area food scene. Let's talk new restaurants opening this Fall... The restaurant I was most excited about opening is already opened - Bud & Marilyn's. So technically that opened in the Summer. Here's a list of restaurants opening very soon, just to name a few... Kanella SouthCoeurRestaurant NeufPure Fare – University CityKeystoneMercaditoTreméHungry PigeonClarkvilleSabrina’s Cafe – CollingswoodSOUTHRestaurant AmbraThe Little Bird Bakery and CafeSpOT BurgerHugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House What recent or future opening are you most excited about?
  8. Nicholas Elmi is doing great post Top Chef win. His East Passyunk Avenue restaurant Laurel gets high marks and he recently consulted at Morgan's Pier. It wouldn't surprise me if he opens another restaurant in the future. Though he may want to learn some lessons from fellow Top Chef winner Kevin Sbraga who recently had to close his 3rd Philadelphia restaurant, Juniper Commons.
  9. BTW - The Ritz-Carlton has brought back Afternoon Tea for September and October. It's a classy affair. In case anybody is curious: https://phillygrub.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/afternoon-tea-ritz-carlton-philadelphia/
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