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  1. Pahalwan Dhaba at Murthal
  2. You have to decide your eating time on your night shifts.... Sleeping time is more important like eating... late night sleeping will affect health. I am helpless for whom going night shifts...
  3. No one said.. I meant 'most of the people' based on my friends, relatives, etc., we should talk bf 7-8 - we should have something to our stomach which means our stomach empty at the last 5-6 hour from the dinner (light food), why means we are having dinner earlier between 6-8. Dinner should be earlier or 2-3 hours before sleeping... I hope this would be helpful to all: http://goo.gl/0XYJGC
  4. Nowadays, most of people skip breakfast but we should take it between 7-8am, lunch 12-2pm and dinner 6-8pm..
  5. I love cooking...it's hard for some people & it's very easy for some people. My mom taught me how to cook. That's the reason. Now i cook my food very well. Enjoying...!!!
  6. Hai All, This is Vicky. I'm happy to be here..
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