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  1. I appreciate your reply, and it is somewhat convincing. Complexity in simplicity and vice versa are true to the nature of food, and the quantum theories of science seem to be applying themselves in a new found avtar here. I admire your wisdom Chef, and must say that I too hope to bask in the glory of being able to think beyond, between and into the lines some day. Heres to the new approach to food, and the deconstructed gazpacho. cheers
  2. Chef Grant, I have never dined at Trio, but am aware of the menu and the work involved with putting it together. Being a student myelf, and swayed by the wave of the trends I too try to make things or atleast conceive things that are complicated, even though they may only take up an eighth of the plate. My question to you is, do you feel that in simplifying things we seem to be complicating them to an even greater degree, or is that the price one has to pay to take cuisine to that 'next' level?
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