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  1. Happy to have found this forum while researching baking pot roasts from frozen. It turns out you can which makes me a happy camper! I'm a Canadian expat living in Portland, Oregon and somewhat of a food snob who can't cook. I can bake some, but cooking has never been interesting to me. My husband is an AMAZING cook, but only does it on the weekends, when we have dinner guests, or when I can't come up with a last minute meal out of what's on hand when it's been a busy week day. He, on the other hand, can whip up a beautiful dish in a half hour, out of mysterious ingredients that I never would have thought to use. This is why I'm here. Perhaps if I widen my knowledge base and persue inspiration from those who are passionate about it, it will be less tedious and some of that passion might rub off on me. It would be brilliant to serve my family "from the heart" tasty meals, instead of bland "had to" meals. Anyway, that's my story. Let the teaching and inspiration begin! Tracey
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