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  1. Beer is almost everywhere available. So try a Dr Pepper... put some beer into a glass and throw a shotglass of amaretto in it. Works also very well with Jägermeister or another hard liqueur. Enjoy!
  2. Sherry drinks? I'de go for the Barbed Wired cocktail: 3 measures vodka, one measure dry sherry. A teaspoon sweet vermouth and a teaspoon of pastis. Shake it all with ice and strain into a a cocktail glass. Enjoy Some people also add a dash of dry sherry to their Bloody Mary...
  3. Do you mind us putting the recipe on our site? We'll let the people be the judge of it and we'll try it also of course.
  4. I've never considered adding milk to a cocktail, but indeed it could have a milder effect on the Midori. That would be ideal for those who want to mask the flavour a little bid. But if that's the case they shouldn't be drinking Midori in the first place!
  5. I'm a big fan of the well known melon liquer called Midori. I like the melon aroma of it and also the bright green color gives it a nice flair. I tried some well known cocktail made of it: the melon ball (vodka, pineapple juice and midori), the melon state ball (a variant with orange juice) and the illusions cocktail (midori, vodka, orange juice, blue curaçao and malibu). But now i'am looking for something different. Does anyone has some good ideas or advice for new and not so known Midori based cocktails?
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