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  1. Great show with plenty of food porn and humour. Loved the edible soap and shampoo last week, a very clever idea and I thought well executed. Unfortunately it didn't gain the points needed and said chef dropped out.......gutted.
  2. Yes, the food of southern India is predominantly vegan, I've traveled throughout Kerala and found plant based dishes in abundance. Of course, there's plenty of fish restaurants on the coast but these are for tourists not the local population who, if lucky, may get a handful of small fish after the catch has been sold. On the beach you can eat any fish or seafood you desire as although fish stocks are extremely low 99% or the catch goes straight to the beach restaurants. Move inland and its a completely different story with coconut, rice and vegetables being the main staples. Kerala is the most southern state on the western coast, is reasonably wealthy, has a good education system and good transport links. Like the rest of India though it has its fair share of problems and of course is over populated. I managed to eat with the locals on several occasions and their food is amazing! For very little money they get by on fruits, vegetables, legumes, lentils and coconut products. If your vegan (like me) Kerala and the southern states are a mecca for new and exciting flavors, I learnt a great deal while I was there.
  3. hi Joe, I'm intending on making Yakitori at festivals and gatherings next year so a Yakitori grill would be perfect as the food doesn't tough the grill. Each skewer hangs from either side, this is what I really like about this style of grill. One of the photos above show something very similar so food for thought, thank you!
  4. I'm looking for a Yakatori grill for next summer, I'd prefer the traditional grill used in Japan but a gas model would be OK. I've found plenty to import from Japan but expediting costs are as much, if not a little more, than the grill itself. The grill will be used for catering so those small gas numbers just won't do, it's got to be a good size and up for the job. Can anyone help or know of a European company that can supply? Thanks..
  5. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around this forum for a while now and have finally joined up. So about me, well I've been cooking for over twenty years but have been vegan for the last eight. Yeah, thats right, vegan but don't worry, I'm all about the food and keep the ethics low key :-) You see I'm not a militant vegan nor am I one to fight my corner of offend others on their choices, I'm here to learn from everyone and everything. I think that a true foodie respects all ingredients, cooking techniques and cuisines, I've even gained inspiration from "Man Vs food" so yeah, that should show you how chilled I am even though I prefer to eat only plant based food. I love using spice, i make my own tofu and sometimes dabble with raw foods although I'll never be a raw foodist, now that is restricted! My favorite cuisine is Indian, I love a good curry but I'm also just as happy with a bowl of soup. I'm not a big fan of bread and don't really have a sweet tooth, dessert very rarely makes an appearance on my table. Its probably worth mentioning that I run a small catering company, I've served up veggie options at festivals, small gatherings and private events. I also run a monthly supperclub. Loves - spice, smoothies, tofu & tempeh, curries, Belgium beer, rice dishes, wholefoods, ripe fruit, organic local veg, kale chips, seaweed, dates, salads and seeds. Hates - stodge, fake meats, tasteless supermarket produce. Getting there - durian, miso, cashew cheese, dessert. I'm here to learn about other cuisines, Middle Eastern in particular and also new cooking techniques. I'd like to know what modernist techniques would lend themselves well to plant based ingredients and I'd like to increase my dessert repertoire. Hope I haven't bored you........Phil.
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