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  1. HEY WOW ! i havent had a chance to check this site for a while.... thanks to everyone who posted about places to stay and food tours. it IS my first trip to Mexico and i DO want to have a guide. I have traveled ALOT on my own overseas but have never got round to Mexico. NOW! its all i can seem to think about. I rarely eat anything other than Mexican food anymore and its all i seem to want. i absolutely MUST get down there ! LOL I will definitely check into all your suggestions. i would like to be gone as many weeks as i can. I want a decent place to stay..... but would rather spend my money on food. it would even be fun to have a furnished place with a kitchen. I would stay for months if i could get something like that set up. LOL any suggestions on THAT kind of thing would ALSO be most welcome. thanks
  2. YES ! thats what i would like to do.... VERY MUCH ! hire a guide. any suggestions on how i could find someone who likes to eat and can show me where all the good places are ? thanks
  3. HI thanks for your post... yes i was talking about the market in Mexico City. i know that its not a good neighborhood but was wondering if there was a good place to stay if you are specifically wanting to go to the market. but really.... since i have not been in Mexico before.... i should go with people who know. i will check into your suggestions for culinary tours and cooking as well. thanks very much
  4. Hello..... this is my first time here. I am trying to plan a trip to Mexico. i REALLY love big markets.... any recomendations on a place to stay near the Merced ? i am also wondering about any culinary tours since i dont know a soul in Mexico. any recomendations there as well ? Mexican food is my absolute favorite.... it would be nice to have some guidance when i get down there.... if possible. thanks
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