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  1. Hi Stark, yes you are correct I am looking for commercial Soft Serve recipes, but sometimes using that word tends to sway the direction in most cases towards either powdered solutions or ready-made liquids. I would want to able to offer a product that customers can differentiate immediately from other soft serve. Thank you soo much Carlton for the recipe, will give it a shot once i get my hands on a commercial machine. A few questions though: 1. Does the base need to be heated? to say 85 C or should it just be mixed and thrown in the machine? Heating might give a more creamier or denser soft serve maybe? right 2. is it possible to omit the eggs by increasing the stabilizers? Thanks again; will definitely share the results once i get to that stage.
  2. I have the machine listed below and believe you me i actually used it for a small ice cream shop and after its success bought a professional batch freezer. The Cuisinart machine is a work horse IMO: pros cleaning is easy because the bowl is removable, churning is complete within 25-35 minutes depends on ambient temperature though, amazing texture after hardening the ice cream in freezer minimum 4 hrs. i.e. if you don't lick the bowl clean. cons - its heavy and a little big and makes a little more sound that i would want but its not too much. www.amazon.com/dp/B006UKLUFS/ref=nosim/?tag=egulletsociety-20
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new here and just joined the forum. I have been searching, googling around for a solution to find a recipe for a Professional Soft Serve machine (No Luck). From a couple of forums I have found that a typical ice cream custard can not be used in a soft serve machine because the beater causes it to turn to butter. I will be purchasing a soft serve machine within a month so want to be prepared beforehand with a nice recipe so I can offer my clients soft serve made from real milk rather than using soft serve powders originating out of China. Can anyone help with a recipe for Vanilla and Chocolate and more derivatives and exciting flavors because as i see now a days ice cream is a dying breed. I do know that a stabilizers needed to be added to the soft serve so please try and post the recipe in grams rather than percentages. Thanks All
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