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  1. ericjs

    Aperitivo Americano

    As I mentioned I intend to serve the Lindberg's baby at a party (tomorrow night) and so I've done some pre-party drink testing, and now I've got a little more feedback. Caveat: I've not yet tried it with Marie Brizzard Apry. I've tried 3 local liquor stores to no avail. The first time I made it, I used some kind of peach Italian syrup (Monin? Torani? I don't even know because I drew on some I had in the back of cabinet, which I had transferred to a smaller jar a few years back). It was wonderful! But a key thing is that this syrup has, besides sweetness, a nice peach tartness to it. Since then I picked up a small bottle of Mathilde peche and tried that. I remembered the Mathilde from maybe a decade ago as having a nice peach tartness also, but either they've changed it or I remember wrongly because this does not, and it really didn't work for me. Finally tonight I bought some Giffard Abricot, as the closest thing to the Brizard I could find and tried it against these other two. On the first trial, with equal quantities of each, the syrup won, the Gifford came second, and the Mathilde a distant third. With the Gifford I missed the tartness of the syrup. The apricot flavor of the Gifford is also quite strong--wonderful but overpowering. So I backed off on the quanity, and added a small squeeze of lemon juice, and it was even better than the syrup. So the upshot for me is that just a little tartness makes a big difference. If the Brizard has such a tartness then perhaps I am just making up for that. If it does not, then might I humbly suggest trying it with just a little bit of lemon juice. It may be that it turns it into a slightly different drink, and I'm just tuning it to my own taste buds, but I'd be curious what you think. Cheers, Eric
  2. ericjs

    Aperitivo Americano

    I know this thread is a tad old, but I found it looking for something new to make with the Cocchi Americano I'd just bought a new bottle of, and I just want to compliment Chris Amirault on his wonderful Lindberg's Baby. I'd just bought a new bottle of Ransom at the same time so a drink mixing the two was a bonus. I'd tried mixing them before but to unimpressive results. I had Fee's grapefruit and the Jerry Thomas, but not the Marie Brizard, so for that I substituted some peach syrup (the kind meant for "italian sodas"). It was wonderful. I'm probably going to serve this at an upcoming party. My one reservation is the name, which if you know the history, could perhaps be offensive. Besides being a "crime of the century" press circus, the Lindberg baby kidnapping was quite tragic. The dead toddler was found a few months after the kidnapping. I think this tasty cocktail calls for a lighter name. Cheers, Eric