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  1. Has anyone put forward Ron del Barrilito yet? In either its two or three star versions, I think it belongs on any top ten list.
  2. My wife and I are going to be in Brazil this week. Any recommendations for good local rums or cachacas? I've not tried many cachacas, but I want to be open. Thanks.
  3. I'm visiting Miami and Spain in an upcoming vacation. I'd love advice on shops/bars/restaurants or whatever that is rum-related in these destinations? I was particularly hoping that Miami, with proximity to Cuba and the Caribbean, might have something rum to offer. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I'm not in love with the 5 and 7 year blends, but the 18 year is incredible!! Kirk
  5. Haven't tried Brigand. But, giving away Barrilito must mean love!
  6. You should go and visit Tijuana and look in some of the liquors stores along Ave. Revolucion. There are a couple there with some good rum that is hard to find in the U.S. and also cheaper than the U.S.. Keep in mind you can only bring 1 bottle back per person.
  7. Just was given a bottle of Ron Marques de Cuba. Would like some opinions before opening..... Thanks, Kirk
  8. Mexico trip was fun. Found some good rums, nothing that isn't findable in the U.S., but prices were nice and low. E.g. Flor de Cana 12 year for $14 vs. ~$30 in the U.S.
  9. I've seen a line of "Plantation" rums - they share common branding but come from different Caribbean locations e.g. Jamaica, Trinidad, etc. etc. Does anyone know anything about this line of products? Are they worthwhile etc.? Opinions? Thanks
  10. I highly highly recommend a rum called Santa Teresa 1796. Possible, but not easy, to find in the U.S. Kirk
  11. Westsail, if you remind me via e-mail I'll try to find a way to get you some Cruzan Black Strap. I know a guy..... I'm at khoiberg@mba2000.hbs.edu By the way, I've occasionally had good luck finding some interesting rums in Tijuana liquor stores. For example, the huge Gigante grocery store on Ave. Revolucion. Kirk
  12. I've tried the Cruzan Black Strap - definitely more substantial than the flavored rums - I liked it enough to buy a bottle. Wetsail, where are you in CA? I may be able to recommend a way for you to get some Blackstrap. Its worth trying.
  13. Thanks for people's advice on this! Not totally unexpected news: not much good rum in Mexico. I have had one Mexican rum called Ron Mocambo Solera - not great - but a little change from Bacardi. I guess I'll have to stick to tequila and mezcal for this trip....
  14. I'm visiting Mexico around Christmas. Specifically, we'll be in the northern central region - the colonial heartland. Off chance question: does anyone know of any rums produced in Mexico that are worth seeking and/or trying? Thanks
  15. I've had both rums. I find XO to be more sweet, less smoky. I'd say Cask 23 is much more sophisticated and structured and smooth. At the German price points, I wouldn't buy the XO. Instead, save up for the Cask 23.
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