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  1. I suppose it is all about palates and taste preference. For example I love slightly sweet/sour/bitter cocktails (not necessarily all in the same drink mind you) but i cannot get whisky to be like by my mouth. so for that a whisky sour is not nice. It's just my preference. In case of the cocktail you mentioned, I suppose enough of the 'right' people liked them for them to gain some coverage and get out there. My advice? - spend your time finding something you like and stick with it. Then periodically try something different with what you like. If it doesnt work, you can go back to the version you do like. It's obvious advice I know, but sometimes it is needed Hope that helps! Completely agree, I've tried and tried to get this to an enjoyable level, but cannot. Maybe it's my dislike for whisky (British or American) my taste buds are not just ready for that flavour yet.
  2. I love pretty much anything with Ginger ale in at the moment, my personal favourite is a Virgin Storm; 25ml Sugar syrup (agave nectar works best here) 25ml Lime Juice (fresh) 1 dash of molasses top with ginger ale shake all the ingredients (not the Ginger Ale of course) over ice and then pour into a hurricane glass. Top up with the ginger ale and a drizzle of grenadine if you want some colour. The molasses really does give you a slight rum-ish flavour and whilst it is not alcoholic, it allows you to sample flavours similar to rum. Just so you don't miss out (kind of)...
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