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  1. Who has the best Boudin, where to get it, and how is the taste?
  2. Nola

    Po-Boy Sandwich

    Emeril on his Food TV show ran several places that do good New Orleans Po-Boy Sandwiches, he list Rand O's as I posted months ago, Uglavich's as I did in my original post above and added Charlies on Harrison Ave. to my surprise but I would stick to Buck Town and those little lunch places in the CBD before anything in Lakeview. Nola at www.figstreet.com
  3. Try these links for info, one is a Travel Log from the Blues Highway with a picture of the Historical Marker another is travel information on Natchez, Ms and the area. http://thebluehighway.com/deltalog.html http://www.virtualtourist.com/bluecatcanoe
  4. I left out Arkansas by accident. I ate at the Front Porch in Yellville it was the weekly buffet, the brook running along the side of the outdoor porch was great. The catfish in Mountain View was excellent and the food at the Ozark reception center with it's emphasis on local food was good. Never had a bad meal the week I spent canoeing the Buffalo River, but it wasn't New orleans food.
  5. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has wonderful food, especially seafood. I like a few places in Mobile, Alabama too. I love Kentucky Derby Day pie and have had nice meals in Louisville the 2 times I went for the Race. I often drive to the Mississippi Gulf Coast just to eat.
  6. Yes, I kind of started the list for a friend who asked me where I eat. So the list changes often. I stopped Uglesches a few months back, and Mandenias because of crowds. I added Lebanon Cafe and Mona's but Mona's on Banks just burned. Bud's Broiler is great for hamburger. I do not eat at Emerils unless someone comes into town and wants too, which is usually once or twice a year. It is more of where a local eats, can you imagine if I ate at the upper line places 3 or 4 times a week??? Size of waist growns in porprtion to thinning of wallet.
  7. I lived in New Orleans all my life and have never stopped in. I am never in that area at breakfast and would chose any other breakfast place over it. I am sure people who find themselves there in the morning have stopped in but if I am eating breakfast out I like Camelia Grill and even Moe's next door. Breakfast isn't something I go out to get although a real Mexican breakfast place would be nice like found in Laredo, Texas. Fried eggs and ham are just too easy to make at home. I would stop in CDM for coffee and bignets at anytime but do not consider that a breakfast place.
  8. Mother's was a working mans tavern with good breakfast and lunch, not a tourist place. It pre-dates the change in the neighborhood, from warehouses to hotels. I worked 2 blocks from there in 1969 at a hardware company warehouse. I could stop in get the biscuit and beef breakfast with coffee then return for a Ferdie for lunch. All worker crowd and a few Marines. Then the food was good, it was fast too. Now it has new owners who cater to the tourists, higher prices, less portions, and the quality is less. Last time I went a friend insisted so we waited one hour and was told someone took our food from the counter because we did not respond to their call??? We were told to sit in a far corner and our food would be brought to us, so we waited until they redid the order and got very poor quality. I will never go again.
  9. What is your definition of the difference between Cajun and Creole foods?
  10. Nola

    Po-Boy Sandwich

    I found a link to the history of Buck Town: http://schools.bigchalk.com/members/lakesh...istory/bucktown
  11. Nola

    Po-Boy Sandwich

    Although my family is from the area I never knew where the name came from. It was originally a fishing village with camps on the lake near a canal and a few Italian families. There were places that sold fresh crab, and shrimp. The lake was fresh and full of seafood, West End Park with its restaurants could be reached by a bridge that was destroyed in a hurricane. Now there are high rise condo's and a few old restaurants left. The area is undergoing a change I hope the little restaurants survive.
  12. Nola

    Po-Boy Sandwich

    I had one in "Buck Town" at R&D's and it was a lot better than Mother's. Mothers is not as it was, but do not tell that to tourists and please keep them away from "Buck Town" there are several great New orleans restaurants there that have never been found out.
  13. New Orleans does a sandwitch on french bread with plenty of stuff, the Roast Beef usually the best, full of gravy and the small bits of meat called "debris" and hot sliced beef. Does anyone else do such a sandwitch, and where to get it?
  14. 1. Taqueria Corona on Magazine St. 2. Lebanon Cafe on Carrolton Ave. 3. Figaro on Maple St. 4. Pascal Manale's on Napoleon Ave. 5. Mikimoto on Carrollton Ave. (Sushie) 6. Mandina's on Canal St. 7. Uglesichs, Baronne St. (Lunch) 8. Jacques-Imo on Oak St. 9. Ye Olde Colle Inn on Carrolton Ave. 10. Franky and Johnny's on Arabella St. For more see: http://www.geocities.com/nola_rental/favrestaurants.html
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