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    Maybe I'm just blind but I don't see a thread on Rae, and I'm headed there tomorrow night (sans baby). Would love any dish recommendations, etc, if you've got them. Thanks!
  2. Thanks y'all. We got the roast pork and pulled pork at Dinic's, both w/ provolone and greens and were seriously impressed! I found the roast pork incredibly flavorful and plenty moist. The pulled pork was just ok. My husband and I both envy you Philadelphians...
  3. It's been years since I got to have lunch at RTM and am headed there tomorrow. Two hungry adults + baby in tow--what should we be sure to get? We're up for anything!
  4. Oh you SO missed out--grasshoppers are wonderful. Really. I can't wait to come to DC and try theirs.
  5. Surprised no one's mentioned the Nanuet Hotel for pizza. Been going there for 20+ yrs, visiting my grandparents in New City.
  6. Is the consensus no ramen on UES? What's the closest decent ramen shop? I'll be staying at 87th and Lex w an infant and can't go too far... For sushi UES I've always liked Gajyumaru on 1st.
  7. No, as we had my 4 month old son with us, we didn't attempt it.
  8. Last week I spent 5 days in Portland with my husband and infant son. We hit Alberta Street Oyster Bar on our first night, which was very good but not as kid-friendly as we'd hoped. But on our 2nd night a friend turned us on to a new spot, just around the corner from the Governor Hotel where we were staying--and this place was a dream. I looked on Egullet--and no mention of it so far--so I decided to give y'all a heads up on Clyde Commons. This is a beautiful lofty space with communal dining at very large tables. The staff is very friendly--we had the same waiter on both of our visits (last Thursday and Sunday) and he couldn't have been more spot-on with his recommendations and he was superbly kind to my son. And the food rocks! Seriously excellent innovative, consistently fresh and delicious--the menu changes daily, and there's a lot to choose from, especially considering the size of the kitchen. Plus a lengthy cocktail list of treats. Some of our favorites included terrific frogs legs with a cilantro cream, fennel sausage/octopus/fried potatoes/ink, chicken-fried chicken liver, beef tongue/seared scallop/beets/tomato jam, a meatboard featuring braised pork belly and a chilled shot of vodka, and a whole roasted dorade with english peas. Also good but not at stellar were a carrot gnudi with mint, and an heirloom tomato salad. We also had a side of lovely radishes, served very simply with a pat of butter and sea salt. I tried a fig cocktail the first night, but my anemic mary on the second night took the prize--serrano chili and sundried tomato vodka, celery juice and sour mix. We also tried several roses by the glass--the wines by the glass also varied by night. I believe our bill for 2 people with 1-2 drinks, no dessert, each was around $60-70. Very very good deal. This place is right next to the Ace hotel on Stark St. A gem--it made our trip-- we could dine with our son in a place that was actually welcoming to him, and eat very very well.
  9. Hi Thank you. As it turned out, we went to the Seaside Aquarium with my infant son (which I don't recommend--it's dank/dark/dirty) and then ended up in Cannon Beach at Ecola. We had the crab special--whole crab, cup of chowder, slaw. It was pretty good. Only disappointment was a lack of oysters on the half shell. But other than that, a good lunch.
  10. Hi Next Sunday I'm planning to visit the Oregon Coast with my husband and 4-month-old son for the day. We are driving from Portland and flexible on where exactly we go on the coast--I hear it's all beautiful--but want to end up at a great place for a late lunch or early dinner where we can enjoy some crab and oysters. We prefer some place casual, family-friendly since we have the little one. We'll be returning to Portland that evening, so the shorter the distance the better also. Any recommendations?? Is Pacific Oyster in Bay City the best choice? Thanks so much. Sara
  11. Ok... well, this former Philly foodie is headed back to her beloved city for a week in July, with husband and 5- month- old son in tow. No, I can't get a sitter. And yes, I must experience the best Philly now has to offer. SO--where can I go, without pissing too many people off? Who will actually be welcoming? We're willing to dine at off-times, but can't promise not to bring a stroller with us, and when my kid wants it, I do breastfeed him (here in Madison it's illegal to give anyone a hard time for doing that).
  12. Sounds like they changed the apple pie recipe. We had it on two occasions and both times it was nearly inedible and tasteless. Glad to hear it's improved.
  13. This just in... Muramoto now has a second location, at the revamped Hilldale Mall. Called "Sushi Muramoto" it opened on Wednesday. There is a website but it's not fully operational yet. http://www.muramoto.biz We'll be sure to check it out and report back soon!
  14. Bob Please clarify--did you get the fish fry or boil at Avenue? It is only considered a 'destination' in any sense for those eats--and for the boil in particular. Aside from that, it's a big meeting place for local celebs/politicos etc but not known for the food. That's why I prefer the Old-Fashioned (but there, skip the lousy desserts). Keep drinkin' the Cow! Yum.
  15. Went to Harvest two nights ago. It was pretty good--in particular the pasta with ramps is quite nice. But I found the deconstructed caeser pretty dull, and the tartare lacked zing (thought the wasabi sorbet was very good). I can definitely recommend the champagne they offer by the glass-delicious. I have nothing negative to say about Avenue Bar--their boiled fish is delicious. But if you're looking for other low-key non-adventurous places with big menus, do try Old Fashioned (right next to Harvest) or the Great Dane. I have discovered that on a beautiful late afternoon one of the best places to be is Sardine-if you plan ahead and reserve a table in the window area, you can have cocktails and a very good dinner in front of Lake Monona. Very few other places in the area offer that. As for the market, I strongly suspect you'll do better than you think this Saturday. Just take a look at what Harmony Valley will be offering: http://www.harmonyvalleyfarm.com/ Their over-wintered parsnips are amazing. Enjoy! Oh, and sorry but Cafe Continental sucks. Big time. Eaten there a dozen times in the past year b/c of work function. Ugh. Never had a good meal.
  16. thanks! We're going on Tues and will report back.
  17. Hi Could anyone tell me--would a party with a small infant (2 month old) be welcome here for a late dinner? Our son is pretty good and quiet usually, but wanted to check. Thanks Sara
  18. I will report that Cempazuchi, the Mexican place in Milwaukee, has great food and was very friendly to us when we brought the baby in Wednesday night. They let us park our stroller at the wait stand, got us a booth so we could stick his seat in there, and didn't spend too much time asking questions/cooing over our cute kid. Lots of families in there that night, and the food was awesome as usual.
  19. Hi For the best Chinese in Madison check out China Palace on Sherman near the airport--and order off the back pages, the non-Americanized stuff. The rest of Chinese in Madison is kung pao-chicken-esque...although I've heard rumors of congee at the place in Hilldale but not yet checked it out. For Vietnamese, we are indeed severely lacking. The best available is Saigon Noodles on Odana. But their pho is somewhat hit or miss and they skimp on the toppings on vermecelli noodles. For Mexican, tonight we tried the new Mexican places in Market Sq on Odana (with the mislabeled sign), it was recently written up in the State Journal. Very bare bones cheap taqueria, and the tacos are quite good. Apparently they have great tamales, 12 for $12, available tomorrow morning. I may go and grab some. The best Indian is also on Odana--Maharaja. Not perfect but good for Madison. Last--for today--Jada's Soul Food off Park Street is the real thing; chicken, greens, mac n cheese. Yum.
  20. Hi My husband and I are long-time Egulleteers and now new parents. We are soon heading to Chicago for several days with our 2-month-old son. We are used to dining well in Chicago and would like to continue doing so (some of our favorite places: Avec, Spring, North Pond) but in the company of our kid. Since we will go to Chicago very often during the coming year, we seek your advice. What are some restaurants with good food (need not be fancy, but should be solid--any variety is fine) where our baby would be welcome and we would not be totally disruptive if he made some noise? (We do take him out if he's really crying or something, but it'd be nice if the place was noisy enough to absorb some normal babbling, etc). Also, we strongly prefer establishments that aren't smoke-filled and those without long waits. In terms of location, we are usually at the Omni off N.Michigan or the Westin River North--places we can stroll to from there (without requiring us to put the car seat in a cab) are best. Thanks in advance for helping us keep delicious meals in our (sleep-deprived) lives! Sara
  21. Hi Yeah. I had to give up on this pipe dream. I could get shipped cooked crab, or live, but live would cost $15 each plus $55 shipping and couldn't be delivered after yesterday... Anyways, duck and foie from D'Artagnan will just have to do! Thanks y'all. Sara
  22. Hi I'd like to order some dungeness crabs for Xmas dinner. Any recommendations of good places, particularly those that do not charge an arm and a leg for shipping? Thanks
  23. City Grill looks great, thanks.
  24. Hi I'll be staying at th Ritz Carlton downtown this week and need some dinner suggestions. I prefer great food in a quiet environment where a serious conversation can be had. No need for amazing wine lists (since I'm preggie) nor do I care if it's a hot scene. The closer to the Ritz the better, and nothing over $75 pp without alcohol. Thanks!
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