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  1. I've been making my Boulevardiers as per this link anyway. http://cold-glass.com/2010/09/15/1794-cocktail-the-boulevardier-comes-to-manhattan/ I was vaguely aware it wasn't the most historically accurate version and right now I've know idea where I discovered it, but was happy and never bothered to try another. Ugh. That article really rubbed me the wrong way. For one thing, the author treats his own opinion (that the boulevardier isn't a very good drink) as if it was an absolute fact, or at least a general consensus, then goes on to imply that the reason it's an inferior drink is because the earliest ever version of the boulevardier calls for a 1:1:1 ratio while the 1794 is more spirit heavy, as if it couldn't possibly be made any other way. News flash: The earliest known version of any drink is rarely very good! McElhone's Pegu Club is pretty mediocre, even if you use a homemade lime cordial instead of Rose's, and the 1:1:1 sidecar doesn't exactly do the drink justice.
  2. Oh God No. Why won't bacon know its place? I can actually see this working, for once.
  3. http://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/P-3321.aspx It's not hard to get, so long as you're willing to pay an arm and a leg.
  4. I've got way too many to pick just one! The boulevardier, the Negroni (I'm one of those odd souls who prefers the former), and the daiquiri are all up there. I also make a Pegu Club that will have you down on your knees, weeping over all the mediocre ones you've had when you could have been drinking one of mine. The most recent one I found was a pisco caipirinha (piscaipirinha? caipirisco?). I've never heard of anyone else making one before and I think I actually liked it more than the original (but I'm in love with pisco at the moment, so don't trust my opinion here). The problem is, I can't remember exactly what I did. I know it was based off the Difford's Guide Caipirinha recipe. I know I used one Persian Lime, instead of 3/4 of a standard lime. I know I used 1:1 simple instead of 2:1. I'm pretty sure that, instead of doubling the amount of simple, I kept it at 1/2oz and added a tbsp of sugar, but I can't remember what kind (granulated, powdered, or brown, and what kind of brown). I might have also included a barspoon of orgeat, but I really don't know about that either. I need to buy some more Persian Limes and try to recreate it. Remember kids: Anytime you make a truly mind blowing drink, always write down how you made it- no matter how simple it seems at the time, you WILL forget!
  5. I tried salting a Bitter Giuseppe a few days ago. Turned out really well. It pretty much just did what it was supposed to- muting all the basic taste sensations (especially the bitter aftertaste of the Cynar) while allowing the aromatic elements to shine through more- but I was really impressed by how much better the end result was.
  6. Sorry to high jack, but someone mentioned a Pegu Club being boring. I find this version to be unboring. 2 oz Tanqueray Gin 1/2 oz lime juice 1/2 oz Cointreau 1/4 oz Grand Marnier 2 dashes Angostura 2 dashes Regan's orange bitters If I'm wanting dryer I'll skip the grand marnier(well right now it would be grand gala) Beefeater has worked in this drink for me, but Plymouth has not. I haven't tried other gins yet. I've tried a TON of different Pegu Clubs, and while they're all drinkable (with the exception of the Savoy version, which is awful), only a few have really impressed me. Here's my personal favorite: 2oz Bombay Sapphire 3/4oz lime juice 1/2oz Grand Marnier 1 dash Angostura bitters 1 dash orange bitters Stir (DON'T SHAKE) and strain into a chilled glass
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