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  1. Sorry I did not reply sooner to the frozen salmon question, I was away. I do not notice a big difference after freezing the smoked salmon and letting it defrost. Actually it soes not stay in the freezer long anyway. I make all kinds of excuses to havesome.

    My Costco does sell soda, beer, and wine. Not the soda I drink though, which is TAB. Tab if you remember is the first diet soda made by Coca-Cola. It is a love/hate relationship with most people. they either love it or hate it. I have been drinking it for more years than I would like to remember. When we went to Australia a few years ago, they had a clear one. I tried it and it was horrible.

  2. I find that in general the prices of non food items is less, although there is a Shoppers Food Warehouse in Fredericksburg, that gives everyone a chance to buy at almost wholesale prices. When they SFW has a sale, it's as good or better than Wal-Mart, Costco or BJ's. Since there are only two of us and space is at a premium, I do not buy large quantities of non food items very often. I do not buy, for personal use, large quantities of food items, either. I do have a thing for the Kirkland smoked salmon. It is like silk. Yum, Yum!!. I buy the package, separate, wrap and refreeze it for future use.

  3. Hi, I am also a Costco junkie. They opened one where I live in Fredericksburg, VA. My favorite things are the Kosher hotdogs, at the snack center, ( they have sauerkraut) , and the La Brea Ciabatta rolls. I am really hooked on them. The garlic studded french bread from La Brea is also great. The Kirkland brand smoked salmon is quite delicious. I buy supplies for the Sisterhood at my Temple and we have switched from the Vita to the Kirkland brand. It is like silk, and a good price also. We run a Bagel Bar every Sunday during Hebrew school, and I shop for supplies at the Costco and at B.J.'s. B.J.'s prices took a nose dive when the Costco opened. Costco still has them beat on most things.

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