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  1. La Trappe Dubbel. This Belgian offering was impeccible! Rich ruby color, fine lace, hints of caramel, toasty malts and molassis. Just enough hoppiness for a dry finish - superb!
  2. Thanks for posting the great images. After seeing the one with three short glasses in front of food, I began wondering what their food offerings were. Please inform!
  3. I just heard about on the radio. It's about as far away from gourmet as you can get, but it still intrigues me: http://www.ehow.com/how_2000853_play-edward-hands.html If any of you has done this, please tell me if you finished, if you puked or if you died. I know how knackered I feel after a couple cans of Fosters. This just seems outrageous!
  4. The answer changes with the season! Summer- Working outside in the summer heat calls for a crisp American lager. This year it has been Bush beer. Previously Keystone Premium. Fall- Shorter days with cool nights have me thinking about beers with more body. Need a taste of some brown Belgiam abbey ales. Our local selection of these is pittiful, so for now, I'm enjoying Chimay Grand Reserve in my Berliner Weiss glass; it brings out the myriad of fruit smells. Winter- Stout time! Last winter had me buying Guiness Export Stout. Very different than the watered down pub draft. It almost has a sour note which comes through the wonderful black patent malt. Spring- Starting to wean off the black stuff and transition to some middle ground. Just love the English ales= Whitbread, Old Speckled Hen, Holy GrALE, & Theakstons Old Peculiar! I don't look to start a troll war here, but I find most American Micro's to be trendy cr@p! There, now I'll get off my soapbox.
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