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  1. Hope I dropped this in the right forum. Learned a lot from this, and not just about Kobe beef. http://www.forbes.com/sites/larryolmsted/2012/04/12/foods-biggest-scam-the-great-kobe-beef-lie/ All 4 parts are worth reading. You'll never look at a menu the same again or talk to a purveyor the same way. Plus good info for when you have to explain to a customer ... or bad ... depending on the cause
  2. Don't overlook a local Latin/Indian/Asian markets in your area. For a large variety of things in restaurant sized containers, you may be amazed at the price and variety. YMMV. Keeps my mail order items to a minimum.
  3. Back atcha - My "No" was in response to your "can you special order a folded omelet?" I hit Cape May occasionally, will look into it. Overall, here in NJ, it just seems its a done deal. Pans = talent, labor x2 pans to cook goods plus cleanup , pan stocking ... you need a few handy if you get busy. Flattop = Drop it on the grill, push, fold, plate, scrap. I find that so amazing when I ask and its a flat "no they can't". There is a certain amount of art to it, styles vary. I used to mack mine back in my cooking days with some eggs plus milk or water or heavy even, S&P, clarified butter, g
  4. No! That's the point They no longer carry the omelet pans I think, or the staff to wash 1 or 2 after each omelet, or care to. I try each place and get a "no, they do them like that". Even tried some places that just do breakfast, one place adverts over 100 omelets ... I mean "fancy scrambled eggs" The flattop has taken over, and I highly doubt most "normal" eateries even have the staff or know how. Just weird how it changed over the years. I have noticed I can get a real omelet in a good restaurant that does a breakfast. Victoria House in Spring Lake comes to mind when I go down to the shore
  5. It seems that here in NJ, at almost every single place, Diner, Deli, Breakfast joint, the traditional Pan Omelet, with choice goodies cooked on the side then put into the center of a properly folded, slid out of the pan and onto your plate, has gone the way of the Dodo. The only place even close by that does not call scrambled eggs on a flat top mixed with goods then folded several times and slapped on your plate an Omelet, is 45 minutes away from me in an Original Pancake house. I can't get a real omelet anywhere, even if I ask. I remember making creative omelet specials every day with the sp
  6. This info is for those interested that may have these knives and my experience with them. It may help in prolonging their shelf life. Thanks for the welcome Dakki! I sharpen knives as a business. Have been running across this particular run of Shuns and they are almost identical to a series by Calphalon. I researched some and turns out the cores have a high amount of carbon, so no dishwasher, no water soak, no drip dry. Hand wash and dry only. Its a spinoff of Onions Spec Bump type knives, a bit milder bump, the heel I'm not sure what for. I collect knives as well, and have the Spec Bump .. gr
  7. Oh, I will add the Johnny Rockets. They do a good job all the way around, even the shakes. Hate the fact they make the staff dance though ... tacky! I feel bad for them ... slammed and then the lights go down and they got to get backed up.
  8. OK, I finally made it to Wendy's yesterday for lunch, and I agree with the others in this topic: of the Big 3, Wendy's clearly has the superior burger. It's not much of a contest, really. Honestly, I'm not at all sure it's not better than In'n'Out (maybe I am just overreacting to the massive and undeserved I'n'O hype, though). I think my current list goes something like this: Freddy's Smashburger Five Guys There is no number four, there is a gap here. Braum's Wendy's In'n'Out Whataburger McDonalds Burger King Sonic Carl's Jr. Am I leaving anyone out? What are your lists? FatBurger Here's the
  9. With inside compressors or outside? Would you like a steaming hot dishwasher in your face with your air conditioned bar sir?
  10. Trust me, nothing got in that fruit tray without being touched by hands besides the cherries. The large olive jar had half an arm in it a bit earlier. Those hands are gonna squeeze your lemon and lime anyway. They were cut right after dragging a ton of stuff behind the bar, usually while eating a shift meal Hands, workers and food don't bother me. Think how many pizzas you've had made by hairy armed men ... goes with the territory.
  11. Parents that sit their kids at my bar. Get those rats off my stools. The unhappy server, that knows no smile or warmth, suddenly is overflowing with emotion and teeth when the check is presented.
  12. Hello all, NG here. Yep, looks like a Ken Onion design. Great for the collector, much like his folding designs, but I really don't see the need for a recurve in the kitchen myself. More of a slasher than a stabber, like a modified Kukri I'm finding that I'm not liking these "cobalt steel" series though. They are selling as VG-10 cores with damascus wrap, but I'm seeing that maybe they may have too high of a carbon content in them. They do not like water it seems. Good for show, but I've worked on several sets and the KAI line from Kershaw all are showing pitting and rust. Some customers swear
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