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  1. Refi & moving to this #loft = best decisions #Entry @SoFi #SoFiGreat sweepstakes sponsored by Social Finance Inc. https://t.co/MNLOojPZsU

  2. #FatTuesday #Paczki #Detroit #Hamtramck #Entry for @SoFi #SoFiGreat sweepstakes sponsored by Social Finance Inc. https://t.co/z9XRvge3E6

  3. Sunny Sundays #Entry for @SoFi #SoFiGreat sweepstakes sponsored by Social Finance Inc. https://t.co/o2Oy68osxC

  4. RT to #VoiceSaveMadi https://t.co/Fkm8OucK7M

  5. Great email RT @Slate: RT @stevesilberman: .@andersoncooper comes out of the closet. Mazel tov, Anderson. http://t.co/KnirB4A

  6. Big thanks to @pjkutil @josephkutil18 and Mr. Kutil for helping with the party!

  7. Moved a mile in 30 minutes. I could walk 2x as fast. At least I'm not in the crash. #latetowork

  8. Personal finance: Money & saving articles http://t.co/3lV1AbG via @MSN_Money

  9. Tennis ball pocket on my skirt is perfect for iPhone!

  10. Where besides Frankenmuth can I buy Christmas lights this week?

  11. I want to live here. http://t.co/SCDtWti My own 2 bedroom cottage in Royal Oak!

  12. “CURRYWURST!!!!!!! simmer_down: Porktown in the house #gudetroit #picnic2012 #currywurst @ Belle Isle Park http://t.co/1iCJBdt

  13. Love the comments from old men on here, ha! RT @ABC: RT @ABCNewsEnt: Why "Call Me Maybe" Is So Catchy http://t.co/HW0LwMN

  14. Blasted The Black Keys Howell-Detroit and The White Stripes Detroit-Howell. Excellent drives.

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