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  1. Here in the NW we have Tillamook, and it's by far my favorite. Vanilla Bean!!
  2. Have to go with Salmon on this one (I am a pacific northwest guy.) Close runner-up, Swordfish.
  3. I actually work in a comparable market with Pleasant Hill Grain, but have to say they are great. That grain mill is top notch, and will last you a long time.
  4. That's the fine line with kitchen items. It's always a battle of "get what you pay for" against "overpriced item". I have a $20 dollar coffee maker that works better than or old $200 coffee maker. Conversely, we have a $10 waffle maker that's junk. Should have splurged on the $50 dollar unit.
  5. I have used coffee grounds in my rock beds to keep cats from using them as their personal litter box. However, it didn't work that well...
  6. I would like to say a 6 pack of Bud or Keystone, but it wouldn't be on topic I'm going with Black Velvet and Coke. Actually not that bad!
  7. Man, do I feel you on this one! We have 2 toddlers running around, so the fingerprints mysteriously disappear higher than 3 feet!
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