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  1. i know these replies are late but i hope they help others.. there are plenty of non- 5 stars to check out i would recommend Veda @ Phoenix Mills Indigo Deli Papa Pancho Crystal @ Chowpatty Cream Centre Wood Side Inn these cover a wide enough variety of cuisine from Indian to others and are on the reasonable price range.
  2. Hi Percy, I would recommend the following - - Kailash Parbat in Colaba & only the one in Colaba for the Chaat. - For Sea food - Mahesh Lunch Home, Gajalee - For Thali i would recommend - Panchvati Gaurav across locations in Bombay, Rajdhani, Friends Union Joshi Club (very non-glamorous) Golden Star Thali for their myriad thali festivals - Swati Snacks for their Gujarati snacks, some Chaat. I would also throw in that you try the Konkani style thali at Konkan Cafe or the thali at Dakshin. Also do try and make it out to Kebabs n Kurries though a 5 star but they have some brilliant dishes from across ITC restaurants.
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