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  1. Rachel, it's to late for me I'm afriad. I have a HUGH addiction to anything food related! Thank you for this wonderful site which provides my ever-hungry fixes. And the best part is, that it's quite painless...unless of course you spend to much time over on The Abalic thread.
  2. Hello Malawry, First let me say I've been a long time lurker here on egullet but have never registered. I specifactly(sp) did so to tell you how much I have enjoyed your diary. I read from the beggining until the end of Nov. in two days! My better half being out of town for a week gave me lots of lazy time, as I call it. I loved seeing the difference in your confidence and skill level between then and now. Wow! I'm retired from the resturant biz since 95, after 18 years in different capasities ie. waitress, cocktials, bartender, and my finial 6 months cooking in a small Itlalian place. I'm sorry to say for me the kitchen experience was bitter sweet. I loved it because it was a small kitchen, I was able to do everything, and I really learned alot that I use to this day! I was at the sautee station on the weekends, at night, alebit always in the weeds! Down side.... 2 very tempremental chef's who were constantly.....screaming, cussing, and throwing things. So as the saying goes, The heat was to hot so I got out of that kitchen. Best wishes to you.....and I look forward to more of your diary and maybe one day reading your reviews in the New York Post or possible if you change your mind .....eating a wonderful meal in your resturant! PS. I don't want to write a bio at this time.
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