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    417 E Jackson St, Orlando, FL, 32801 ~ (407) 492-0094

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Belgian from origin, moved to Orlando Florida in 2001 and has been working with vacation rental properties since.

After almost a decade in property management, it became apparent that vacation property owners have all the means in the world to secure, manage, advertise their house, backed by all sorts of legal authorities as well.

The renter or visitor to the Disney World area however, has only recourse of claims after their stay in one of the accommodations for one, and secondly has little means of checking their desired rental unit in advance.

Therefore, we said goodbye to the property management side of things and started Discount Vacation Rentals Online in 2007, which focuses on providing information and support to the guest or renter through our local knowledge and expertise of location, pricing, age, management and all details about a property prior to renting it out.

The visitor now can make a knowledgeable decision on his lodging accommodations with help of our staff and services and through our website of Orlando vacation rentals in Florida.

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