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  1. Due Forni is a chain, and I wouldn't recommend it. I had Spago's pizza many years back, I wouldn't recommend it either. There's been a lot of buzz over Pizza Rock in Downtown Vegas. Check it out! You might want to check out Pin up pizza in Planet Hollywood shops and also Secret Pizza in the Cosmo.
  2. David, thank you SO MUCH! DAMN! That is a lot of truffles! SO looking forward to this! One of my culinary highlights in the last few years was to meet Guy Savoy at the opening of his Las Vegas restaurant.
  3. So excited about this too! I've been wanting to go since 2007! My husband & I will be going to the Thursday dinner with Francois Payard, Friday Grand Tasting, and Saturday King of Cabernet. David, since you've been so many times.....how should we plan our attack for the Grand Tasting? Come early, wear stretchy pants, and stay late?
  4. Thank you, David! I'm making plans to go this coming year. The tickets go on sale 2/1! VERY excited!
  5. I'm headed out there soon, I'm really curious about the new restaurants in Encore. Anyone have feedback they'd like to share? Thanks!
  6. Jeff, I think that I'm a little late in answering your question. IMO, the Country Club is a well kept secret (OK, not any more). I was told that they have the same steak that SW has. The availability for seating is usually wide open too. When I'm in town, I'm usually there for lunch. There's always room at the bar, and you'll never know who you'll run into (I've met Paul Mitchell & an ex-producer of the Cirque show at Wynn). Morel's is also a great place, but I've only been there for lunch too. When I've gone for lunch, the bar was completely empty. The bartendar was kind enough to feed us samples of wine that he needed to get rid of (I didn't argue!). They do have cheese experts on hand, who will guide you through your choices.
  7. I wish that I would've red this before I went to BLT at the end of September. David & Daniel, I couldn't agree more. The milkshakes were kick butt, but the burgers were average. I'd much rather spend my burger money at the Wynn Country club, Morels or the Burger Bar.
  8. Ada, thanks for the feedback! I'm going to put it on the list when we're there in March. ckruse, I thought that getting a reservation at the one in Harlem is next to impossible. Is that still the fact?
  9. Anyone been to Rao's in Ceasar's yet? I saw the menu recently, and I'm not too impressed. If anyone's been yet, I've love to hear about it! Thanks, Chris
  10. You won't be sorry. Hate the BAM! all you want, but I've never been to any of Emeril's restaurants that weren't drop-dead good start to finish. And I've been to most of them.The thing to get (steak-wise) at Delmonico is the bone-in dry-aged prime ribeye, which is f*cking delicious as all hell. AMEN Bleachboy!! I've eaten there a bunch of times too, and I have yet to be let down. The place is very unlike some of his other restaurants that I've been to. You won't be let down at all. I'm not a fan of Wynn's steakhouse. They must have been out of sharp knives when I was there, because I had to saw through my meat. It wasn't good! Also, the place looked like it needed some work too. The corners were missing paint, and it just looked shabby. The only redeeming quality of the place was the sommelier. There was a tasting earlier in the night and he gave us some tastes that were left over. I've also been to Charlie Palmer's steakhouse too. I wouldn't recommend it, the sommelier was horrible and the steak didn't have much flavor. I second the L'Atelier Joel Robuchon suggestion. The night after that meal I went to Guy Savoy at Ceasar's. UNBELIEVABLE FOOD!!
  11. I finally got the tasting menu!! I know that there's been a lot of discussion if it's worth it or not. I can now say that Guy Savoy's menu has changed my view on food. It's been a *long* time since I've tasted anything this different. Sadly, everything else that I've been eating since has just been filler. I got this last weekend, with a note from Laura Savoy herself. I would love to know how in the heck he gets the texture on the sea bass skin! The red wine sauce on the foie gras was heaven! I could go on and on........but every course was so imaginative and well presented. I'll definately be going back in October! Menu Prestige Oyster in Ice Gelée L’Huître en Nage Glacée “Peas All Around” Tout Petits Pois Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices Bar en Ecailles Grillées aux Epices Douces Roasted Foie Gras and Red Cabbage Nage, Savoy Cabbage, Horseradish and Mustards Foie Gras de Canard Rôti et Nage de Choux Rouge, Choux Frisés au Raifort et Moutardes Spinach and Mushroom Gratin Gratin d’épinards et champignons Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup, Toasted Mushroom Brioche with Black Truffle Butter Soupe d’Artichaut à la Truffe Noire, Brioche Feuilletée aux Champignons et Truffes Crispy Veal Sweetbreads, “Petite Potato and Black Truffle Sandwiches” Ris de Veau Rissolés, “Petits Chaussons”de Pommes de Terre et Truffes Selection of Cheeses Sélection de Fromages affinés Avocado and Pineapple Avocat et Ananas Chocolate Fondant, Crunchy Praline and Chicory Cream Fondant Chocolat au Pralin Feuilleté et Crème Chicorée
  12. Before tax & tip, I think that about $250 was wine. I think that the tasting menu was about $250 (or $270, I can't remember) each.
  13. I have, I posted a semi-review here: review I'll post the full tasting menu when they email it to me.
  14. Lgott, THANK YOU so much for the recommendations!! I'm happy to say that those 3 things were on the discover menu. Although the oysters that were used were Kusi. In one word....AMAZING!! As of Friday night, it was the most amzing meal that I've ever had. This meal was only topped by Sunday's meal at Guy Savoy. We'll be back to L'Atelier again. We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the bar seating!
  15. I'm happy to say that I went on Sunday night. It was *truly* the best meal that I've ever had. Pure perfection and decadence!! The restaurant itself is in the new Agustus tower. Not much activity, almost isolated. We went up to the second floor and when we turned to the left.....we were greeted by 2 dark 30 foot doors. We walked in and were greeted by Guy Savoy himself!! We were ushered to our table and from the beginning, we knew that we were in for a treat. The place is decorated in a minimal style, with a few pieces of modern art. Nothing flashy, the food is really taking center stage. I didn't get a copy of the tasting menu that they're going to send me....so I can't post all the courses (yet). We started out with a visit from the champagne cart. A great way to start the meal. We started off with an amusement of a crustini with crab and foie gras. Each course was perfection. It was the first meal that I've ever had that they paired breads with every course. During the meal we saw the staff parade out roasted duck and veal out to tables for approval before carving. There was something that I've seen, that I've never seen! A pan was presented to a couple with large bubble on top. A few staff crowded around the table to also witness the unveiling. I asked what it was.....it was a quail cooked inside a bladder. I'm sure that it was amazing! Our head waiter assured us that Guy Savoy was the only one doing this in the United States. My most favorite was the foie gras in a red reduction wine sauce. We were also visited by the cheese cart and dessert cart. I just wish that I would've saved a *little* room for more chocolate mousse. When we left (3 hours and 45 minutes later!) I was given a box of pistachio caramels and plain caramels. At about $500/pp I'd say that it was well worth it. Not anything we could afford every month......but maybe every trip to Vegas. I'll post the details of the meal when I get them. I'd really like to hear a review from someone that's been to Guy Savoy and also to Joel Robuchon at the Mansion.
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