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  1. Looking for a caterer in Tucson - we want traditional Sonoran food for a 40-person event in January. Looking for someone ... could be a personal chef/caterer/restaurant/etc....Anyone who can make the classics well and maybe present it a bit more nicely than chafing dishes full of beans and shredded meat. Thrilled to hear any and all suggestions as we are regular Tucson visitors, but not locals and not sure where to look beyond El Charro, Mi Nidito, etc. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a caterer for a Berlin-area wedding (about 100 ppl). I've lived in Berlin for a while and while there are many places I like, I do have difficulties with the restaurant scene overall. I'm having trouble finding someone who isn't really German in their approach/concept. Everything seems to be overly elaborated fussy food, which isn't very good or almost too casual - mediocre potato salad, blah grilled meat, etc. We are doing a pig roast (!) so I'm looking for someone to fill in the important gaps - salads, sides, cake, etc. I want who understands California-style (for lack of a better word) -- ingredient-focused food that is good because it's made with really good ingredients (ie, someone who would never dream of Insalata Caprese outside peak tomato season). I know this is somewhat of a specific request, but would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions! vielen Dank!
  3. Does anyone know a reliable place to have my knives sharpened in Berlin? I don't want to entrust them to just anybody.....help!
  4. Just an update -- finding a stage position in Barcelona was much easier than I'd expected (making me wonder why it took me so long to ask if I could work for free...). I inquired at 5 Sentits and Hisop and the timing worked out better at Hisop so I start there next week (but might figure something out for 5 Sentits in the spring. I'm really excited and think this will be a great complement to the somewhat traditional (?) teaching at L'Escola.
  5. You might also try ColoImport at Rocafort 85...they have more than just Asian things, but the selection is pretty broad.
  6. Thanks for those thoughts--very helpful. Unfortunately, I'll be away over the holidays so may miss out on some opportunities, but plan to hit the streets in January! Thanks again, becca
  7. Hello! I'm about 2 months into the year-long culinary program at l'Escola...I meant to post sooner, but getting settled in a new country has been crazier than I'd expected! I can't say the program isn't entirely without shortcomings, but I am really enjoying it (and cooking and eating my way across Barcelona!). I do think working in Spain will be an important complement to the program and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about how I might go about finding such a position. A main problem is that my classes are from 5-8 pm, which potentially cuts into both lunch & dinner service. Of course I'd love to be paid , but would probably be willing to stage for free if I thought I'd learn from the experience. Any and all suggestions would be welcome! gracias!
  8. I haven't had it in about a year, but Edy's Chicken in Falls Church (on Leesburg Pike?) was always the best by far!
  9. Thanks so much for your feedback (and advice offline). I spent a great week in Barcelona, ate lots of good things, and visited 3 schools, including Hofmann, but ultimately decided that Escola Superior d'Hosteleria de Barcelona seemed like the best fit. It's so hard to know for sure, but if nothing else is MUCH cheaper than culinary school here in NYC. Thanks again, Becca
  10. Thanks for all these recommendations. I did eat at several of them, and had a great trip with many fabulous meals. Since I'll be moving to Barcelona in the fall, hopefully I'll be able to add suggestions for others in the future. tThanks again!
  11. I totally agree and plan to eat the majority of my meals at more traditional (and cheaper) places. I have found a lot of great recommendations here (including yours). thanks!
  12. Thanks for the advice -- I have made a reservation for Cinc Sentits and am quite excited about it, as well as my other culinary adventures! I do mean July, but thanks for the reminder. I wish I could take all of August off....
  13. I'll be in Barcelona for a week next month and am trying to plot my dining strategy. As I'll be traveling alone, I'll probably eat at least some of my meals solo. If I'm willing to sit at the bar, will I need reservations for places along the lines of Alkimia/Quimet i Quimet/Cinc Sentits? thanks!
  14. Becca

    Poi in NYC?

    there is a hawaiian place on fulton st.: L&L Hawaiian Barbecue ... I haven't been yet, but seemed like the kind of place that might have poi.......YOu could call and ask: 577-8888
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