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  1. I'm in Jersey too, DrinkUp NY (www.drinkupny.com) will definitely ship liquor to NJ, but they're pretty much the only ones I've found.
  2. I used this recipe http://mymansbelly.com/2012/07/06/pineapple-cocktail-recipes-get-serious-when-its-a-shrub-cocktail/ - I didn't have cilantro on-hand so I omitted and substituted apple cider vinegar for the coconut vinegar. I've used it a lot more than I thought I would, for instance it makes a good Jungle Bird offshoot ()
  3. Inspired by the aged Aquavit/tiki flavors combo used in a drink I had recently at Pouring Ribbons (Infinite Jest), I tried to incorporate an unaged Aquavit into a somewhat-similar-but-not-really experiment last night: 1 oz Krogstad aquavit (I wanted some of the anise flavor, and this is the only aquavit I currently have) 1 oz reposado tequila (I used El Jimador) .75 oz lime .5 oz homemade falernum .25 oz pineapple shrub .25 oz PF dry curacao 2 dashes Bittermens tiki bitters Shake, strain over a big ice cube. Really spicy and flavorful. A little simple syrup might be nice depending on your mood
  4. I'll have to the give this ziplock bag technique a try. Sam's suggestion up-thread to use a stand mixer with the paddle attachment is my current go-to when I want to spare myself the tendonitis, but I see the merits of this too, especially for doing thing ahead of time.
  5. I've found that 3-2-1 gin-Cocchi-Suze works a little better for me in that drink, the Suze can definitely be a beast.
  6. Most definitely - for better or worse depending on the application, Creme Yvette is much subtler with the violet. You can use a lot more Creme Yvette without overwhelming the cocktail, where as is most cases more than a quarter ounce of creme de violette turns your drink into perfume.
  7. I've never been a huge Perfect Manhattan fan, but I'm really enjoying the bottle of High West OMG silver rye and thought a lighter variant might be nice. 2 oz High West OMG silver rye .5 oz Cocchi Americano .5 oz Dolin dry dash of Ang orange Stir, strain, lemon twist. This was good. The silver rye has a lot of dry fruity notes, played well with the floral notes of the Dolin.
  8. As a sipper I enjoy it, the agricole funk isn't overpowering and it has some good complexity. It's drier/spicier than other aged rhums I've tried, which leads to mixed success in some cocktails calling for the category. In the Mai Tai I made I think those qualities worked in it's favor, cutting some of the sweetness while not trying to compete with the Smith and Cross flavor bomb. Apparently they water it down to 90 proof for export, would be interested in trying the 100 proof at some point. I can get it for under $40 near me, at that price it's worth taking a flier on.
  9. Basic Mai Tai last night, I usually play around with different rum combos but last night's was a real winner in my book. 1 oz Depaz Blue .5 oz Smith & Cross .5 oz Appleton Reserve .75 oz orgeat .75 oz lime .5 oz Creole Shrubb I've tried using 100% S&C for the Jamaican rum portion before and while it was pretty good, cutting it with a richer/smoother Jamaican seemed to elevate the drink.
  10. A Weeski with Redbreast and Cocchi. Wow. I feel short-changed in life for not trying this until now.
  11. Tried this last night: 1 oz Krogstad Aquavit 1 oz Junipero .75 oz lime .5 oz grenadine .25 oz Averna .25 oz 2:1 simple 4 drops absinthe 2 dashes celery bitters pinch of salt Shake, strain into ice-filled Collins glass, top with ~1 oz of club soda. Eh. Next time I definitely would cut the simple. It wasn't awful and has potential, but I'm not sure what else is needed to get it there at the moment.
  12. The grassiness of it spurred my agricole comment, but it certainly did not have the accompanying richness and funkiness a JM or La Favorite would have. After doing some reading it looks like the point is to simulate pre-Castro Bacardi, and it does have a taste in the same neighborhood of something like Havana Club white. To me it tasted significantly more flavorful than my memory of FdC 4, but a side-to-side would be good. I was happy with it though, I think between the Cana Brava and Banks 5 Islands I could easily cover all my white rum needs.
  13. Enjoyed one of these last night, outstanding.
  14. Has anyone tried a Daiquiri with the Cana Brava rum yet? I tried it straight for the first time at Death and Co. the other night, I was impressed with agricole-like flavors, but curious to hear if anyone has mixed with it yet. It seems to be a good value, a liter for under $30.
  15. Last night's variation: 1.5 oz Wray and Nephew 1 oz lime juice .5 oz 2:1 raw sugar simple Came off very buttery, which although is not the first description you'd usually associate with a Daquiri really did it for me in this instance. Never mixed with the Wray and Nephew before but had some left over from a batch of falernum, time to buy some more.
  16. Kinda sorta did a Jungle Bird-inspired drink the other night: 1.5 oz Smith & Cross .5 oz pineapple shrub (http://mymansbelly.com/2012/07/06/pineapple-cocktail-recipes-get-serious-when-its-a-shrub-cocktail/ - I didn't use cilantro leaves and used apple cider vinegar in place of the coconut vinegar) .5 oz Cynar .5 oz lime juice dash of angostura Shake, strain over rocks. Bitter and tiki-type flavors is one of my favorite combinations (I want to be buried in Bitter Mai Tais), so I liked this.
  17. I, like most people on the Spirits and Cocktails board, don't have much use for vodka when it comes to mixing, but the Gypsy is a great way to both highlight the flavors of Benedictine while softening it at the same time. 2 oz vodka (I used Sobieski because $11 is about as much as I want to spend on vodka) 1 oz benedictine Dash of Angostura Stir, strain, coupe, lemon twist
  18. That definitely helped take the sting off a $50 bottle of mezcal, wish I could have stocked up on more.
  19. Los Amantes Joven Mezcal Amaro Sibilla I'm contemplating starting a campfire in my mouth to round it all off.
  20. I generally use Elijah Craig 12 if I want a softer expression of the bourbon (a Paper Plane is an excellent example of a drink that shines with EC 12) and Buffalo Trace or bonded Old Granddad for something more assertive. If I could find Old Weller easier that would slip into the mix as well.
  21. Last night I felt like a Daiquiri but not a Daiquiri, so I did this: 1 oz Banks 5 Island 1 oz El Dorado 3 .75 oz lime .25 oz 1:1 simple .25 oz Luxardo Maraschino scant teaspoon PF Dry Curacao scant half-teaspoon Hum Shake, strain, coupe A lot going on but to my surprise everything played it's part - a little funk, a hint of orange, and the Hum is so powerful that even in tiny amounts you can taste the spices and aromatics in the background (unfortunately that has rendered Hum as my largest, most expensive bottle of bitters). Cutting the rum 50/50 with the ED3 added some richness that
  22. I've been making my Boulevardiers as per this link anyway. http://cold-glass.com/2010/09/15/1794-cocktail-the-boulevardier-comes-to-manhattan/ I was vaguely aware it wasn't the most historically accurate version and right now I've know idea where I discovered it, but was happy and never bothered to try another. My favorite Boulevardier variant (and better than the original in my opinion) is this one from Kindred Cocktails: Boulevardier Riff (Fred Sarkis) by Fred Sarkis, Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago, IL 1 1/2 oz Bourbon, WL Weller 3/4 oz Cynar 3/4 oz Bonal Gentiane Quina 1 pn Salt (sm
  23. This is excellent (I did have to use Cocchi), the bitterness from the Campari and grapefruit was rounded off nicely by the LH151.
  24. I had an excellent drink at Dram a few weeks ago that included rye, Meletti, Suze, sherry and absinthe so a few nights ago I used the Meletti/gentian combo in another experiment: 2 oz reposado tequila (I used Baluarte) .5 oz Meletti .5 oz Salers barspoon of PF Dry Curacao Stir, strain, coupe, no garnish. I was pleased with this one, the Meletti/gentian combo seems to be a winner. A dash of Mole bitters to play off the Tequila and Meletti might have enhanced the drink a bit.
  25. I used a Negroni template last night to come up with something I would definitely repeat: 1 oz reposado tequila (I used Espolon) 1 oz Meletti 1 oz Cardamaro Stir, strain into coupe. Orange twist. It obviously didn't have the bitter bite of a Negroni but the acidity of the Cardamaro combined with the peppery tequila was offset nicely with the rich chocolatey notes of the Meletti, with enough overall bitterness to round it all out.
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