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  1. On the Trail of the Buttered Roll ... Anyone have a suggestion for a place in Central California near Brentwood-ish where one can buy something REALLY close to a New York Kaiser/Hard/Buttered roll - this is not your average dinner roll. A friend of mine moved there a year ago and is just being made MISERABLE by missing his Buttered Roll on the way to work every morning and I would LOVE to surprise him with a suggestion. Come on guys dig in and show me the way to that place no one would think to look! Thanks for any and all help. Alley
  2. So funny. Logged in with a half memory that, back home in Little Falls for the first time in a bit, I had driven by some foodie place I wanted to think about, but no real memory. Scrolled down NJ posts and then saw you, poster in my town of Little Falls talking about exactly the place that had triggered the thought. 'tis just an inescapably funny ole small world n'est ce pas! (And thanks btw have to check Bivio out.) And a return: if you haven't checked out our "new" bakery asalt and buttery on main street, do so. Did a quick run and got a few cookies. All fantastic. Did NOT try her macaroons but they looked out of this world and the owner/baker is a doll. https://www.facebook.com/asaltandbuttery
  3. Thank you! Still hoping someone can help me with local coffee suggestions - if any are available. Great thing is you confirmed pree-cisely the restaurants I thought I'd try to see if I can get my group to visit, particularly Ibiza [so popular their website exceeded bandwidth) and Terrace!
  4. Hello all! I'm headed on an annual trek to Hamden, CT way and wonder if anyone has any suggestions for coffee shops to hang out/work in or for "can't miss" coffee? Also any place that's a must visit aside from Yale area. Thanks!
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