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  1. hiya i'd go to l'enclume...... Has anyone been to The Plough yet.... Were going to the Burlington on Tuesday, looking for a pub to eat on the way back..!
  2. yikes .... what with JDH getting 3 rosettes, i thought it may have been better. We had a great meal at hei hei . A nice asian restaurant in the city.
  3. I'm on the whole quite pleased this is now over as the standard of food has I think. Has been quite poor.! Tom Kerridge has done himself no harm at all and we look forward to a meal there in july. Alan Murchison and Will Holland seem like complete idiots. Which is a great shame as we had thought becasse could be worth a trip. It has now been cancelled.!!! Kenny seems to be better on tv than he is in his restaurant as a meal there this weekend was really not very good. Im pleased Lisa is starting to step out of Nigels shadow and has done herself no harm at all. If it does come back next year , i hope they pick better chefs..
  4. It looks lovely .... We had a cracking meal here in Feb... Lamb sweetbreads with onion and ash were fantastic.. It must surely move up to 2 stars soon...!
  5. Just managed to catch up on the few i missed.... Glad Nathan got through. His dessert looked horrid though. It amazes how crap a lot of the desserts are this year.
  6. We thought the service there was really good. when did you last eat there Bertie?
  7. No, Yorkshire at the Devonshire Arms.
  8. Personaly id go to The Greenhouse, i think it's better than the Ledbury. Le Gavroche is good but hardly a good advert for modern cooking in London. It's possibly worth looking at Pied a Terre.
  9. Thought it was about time i managed to get some info up on the meal we ate here a week or so ago. They seemed to be pretty busy. Three courses from the alacarte was £65 each. But we got plenty of extras. Canapes; White aparagus pannacotta with morels and some truffle and parmesan rissoto balls. The canape was served in two parts.The first served in a modern small pot/bowl. The pannacotta was lovely and light, it was topped with a morel jelly and pickled morels. Delicious. The Risotto balls were deep fried and served warm. They were served on a small stone and topped with grated parmesan and truffle. Again theese were delicous, really moist. We were given an appetiser of haddock and potato soup wich had a bit of mustard ice cream in it and some cress. We think it had an egg yolk in it as well, but we are a bit hazey on this however. It was the first time ive eaten an ice cream in a soup and i was realy surprised i liked it to be honest. Starter. We both went for the scallops, Which was served with celeriac puree, smoked eel apple and truffle. This dish was stunning. Two really fresh large scallops perfectly cooked., the acidity of the apple and slight smokiness of the eel worked really well with the celeriac and scallop. Mains I went for the beef, and the missus the lamb. The beef was smoked and served with a parsley risotto, snails, onions and a piece of braised meat. which i think was either cheek or shin. All of which was lovely. The flavours were really clean and again i thought this was a great dish. The lamb was with wild garlic and broccoli. there was quite a bit of lamb offal on it. the missus thought it was fab. I was too busy eating the beef to be worried about the lamb. Desserts. we got a little taster befor the real dessert. Earl grey cream with lemon thyme. It was served ina little glass, the cream was topped with a lemon jelly and then topped with a lemony foam. Again this was really good. I had an apple pie parfait, which was served with blackberries and an apple sorbet. Agsin this was lovely, the missus had the tiramisu. Which was really nothing like a tiramisu, but a re working of the main flavours. It had parfait on it an ice vram a jelly and a foam, all served in a bit of a tower... Petit fours were good and we got another little glass filled with buttermilk, bloodorange and rhubarb... All in all we had a great evening and the food was as good as we have eaten in a long time. Certainly as good as anything we have had at simon radley and more enjoyable than Fishers or Northcote.We were quite surprised , we were expecting it to be good but not really expecting it to be as good as it was....
  10. It looks like holbeck is stuck in a time warp . The food looks really old fashioned now. This is why i think the good food guide is a waste of time 7/10 how...!!!
  11. I didn't realise Aiden was a shining star to start off with .! In all fairness the food at the church green is hardly great. Completely over- priced for what it is. Im pleased Lisa went through. Am i being cynical or is this years GBM a bit of a previous boys club..... Lisa and Nigel on from Northcote. Mathew Fort involved in Nigels book.. Murchison and Will Holland .... I hope Aiden dosn't get on again, bring on some faces. Looks like this weeks could be quite good. Daniels soup looked lovely, with a bit of tweaking Will's rabbit could be good.... I think Dan and will go through to be judged.!
  12. I'm really not convinced about Aiden, he doesn't have any personality. I think Mountain will be back on our tv's. He's pretty good on all of the segments he does. He seemed compltely out of his depth earlier in the week, fair play to him he's pulled it around. I still think Lisa will get through on Friday however. In an ideal world who would we have liked to see represent the North West..? My picks would be: Mark Wilkinson Simon Rogan Steve Smith
  13. I suppse the third chef is really a way of the producers tryin to cause a bit of friction or put them undr a bit of pressure. It somehow comes accross as a bit false. Again i dont think any of the food is that nice. Two types of pie and a bit of chicken. The food seems to have gone backwards this year. However at least there being judged by a fantastic chef. I think that lisa will get through... Aidens food just looks too complicated.
  14. lucky you, weve been wanting to goto whately for a while now. Were doing something similar this weekend, culminating with diiner at the burlington tonight.
  15. i think im only going to bother with the thursday/friday episodes after this week. I can also safely say i wont be visiting any of the restaurants there cooking at after this poor showing.|!!
  16. most of the food theese guys are serving is truly shocking...Dreadfull lets hope it gets better....
  17. I think the only way to evaluate value for money is if you enjoyed youreself. If you have a gr8 time the bill isn't an issue generally. If you fell like youve had a bad experience for whatever reason , youre really not going to value it at all.
  18. Mallory Court in Leamington Spa can be quite nice. Has anybody tried Opus in Birmingham yet?
  19. Let's hope he's going to cook the food the owner want's. Otherwise he could be goosed.!!
  20. It really didn't add anything new did it. Maybe Sitwell is a bit upset nobody really seem to take his reveiws that seriously. Maybe there a tad bit of jelousy. Thought Wearing had a couple of good points though. Stars should be maybe taken away a bit more. Is Ducasse really better than all the other 2 stars in britain?
  21. If youre in Leeds id reccommend Harvey Nichols it's probably the best place for a good value lunch or dinner. Leeds isn't that good for dinner in all fairness. 3 York place can be good.
  22. Hi Annie, I suppose the aa guide is pretty relevent. I would say however that you are more likely to have a gd meal, where there is a bit of guide cross over. 3 rosettes 1 star michelin should be pretty solid. Ive found that 3 rosettes can sometimes be hit and miss. Which i suppose is why they don't have a star.( maybe not consistent enough) I don't however think the gfg is particularly good out side of the m25 belt.
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