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  1. Wasn't it already established that Antica is in Marina del Rey? -- http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/615393 -- Linking to an existing discussion might help us guide you better... ← My mistake. Yes Antica is in Marina del Rey.
  2. Actually I've been to both Pizzeria Mozza and Anelini Osteria. I fell out of my chain in love with the the Bianca Pizza at Mozza. At Angelini Osteria I didn't order pizza, but I was was enthralled with their Lasagna Verde. Perhaps returning to Angelini Osteria would be worth returning to for the pizza. I'll ask my sister to describe her Italy experience more clearly. When I had asked previously all she said was "I don't know. It just tasted really fresh and it had like a cracker crust." She's not very descriptive when it comes to food.
  3. My lucky younger sister got to travel for a few weeks in Italy last summer and fell in love with the pizza. Now she wants me to take her somewhere in LA where she can relive the experience she had in Piacenza. I've already made it clear that wherever I take her will obviously not be 100%, but I'd do my best to get "as close to authentic" I could possibly do. Other then Antica in LB, is there anywhere else I could take her?
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