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  1. Ronaldo, I would go to La Alqueria in Hacienda Benazuza. It's located in Salúcar la Mayor, near Sevilla, I'm not sure how near is from El Bulli, as I've never been there, but they are supposed to use Adria's recipes and techniques.
  2. Stereoboard, I'm not sure what you are looking for, but you can find some nice stuff in Joma's, Carrer d'Aragó 295, it's about crossing Paseo de Gracia.
  3. I would also step La Cantamora and Arzabal into two different categories, taking into account their ambition in the offer. Arzabal is indeed a very good place, but has chosen simpler dishes -croquettes, sirloin steak, "callos"- than La Cantamora. Also have some problemas at peak hours -irregular service and cooking-, perhaps due to the great success they have aimed -specially remarkable, they opened a few months ago-; the place is always full with people waiting.
  4. It depends on various factors, as the time it's been cured and how much oxidation has suffered the fat. Once you open the ham, if you left the fat directly in contact with the air, that oxidation will occur, and the astringent will be more present. It is also interesting to try different thickness in the cut, I personally love it cut as a veil, it melts at 25 grades degrees, so it will melt in your mouth. Carlos
  5. Faine, Regarding to Etxebarri, the first photo I would say it's not salami but chorizo -basically iberic pig, pepper and garlic. Not only the meat but the pepper can make a difference.
  6. As far as I know, Sudestada's problems are definitely solved, so they will open next autumn, probably in September.
  7. Vinotas, you have some good options in Vigo and surroundings. In Vigo: Maruja Limon, one of my favourite in Galicia, creative but based on very good product; interesting Galician white wine selection. C/ Victoria, 4 (Vigo). Casa Esperanza, specialized on fish, depending on the day high quality seafood. If you go these next weeks you might taste a good baby squid stew or Padron peppers -delicious and spicy little green peppers. C/Luis Taboada, 28 (Vigo) Surroundings: Vigo is about 30 kms from Pontevedra. In Poio, a peripheral neibourhood of Pontevedra is located Casa Solla (one michelin star)
  8. This is a short list of what I consider the best markets in Madrid: - Mercado de Tetuán, C/ Marqués De Viana 4-6 - Mercado de la Paz, C/ Ayala 28 - Mercado de Chamartín, C/ Bolivia 9 - Mercado Maravillas, C/ Bravo Murillo, 122 You might also find interesting have a look at Gold Gourmet in C/ José Ortega Y Gasset 85 , more a shop than a market, where you will find very expensive high quality product.
  9. Yo might be lucky if you choose the right place. I'm thinking of Manolo Vázquez restaurant, near the cathedral. Anyway take a lot of care, cause there are two different kinds of percebe, the good one is the "galician" which lives in cold waters, deep flavour to iododine. The not so good one is the one that is captured near morrocan coasts, so warm water, tenuous flavor, slightly sweet, almost liquid inside, just a thin thread. The price should correspond to the quality, anyway Seville is not the place to look for percebe -in my opinion. Carlos
  10. Nikkib, Seville is marvellous at spring. "Tapas" is the key concept there, so here is the list of bars I use to visit every time I go there: La Barbiana (C/ Albareda 9): Manzanilla -Jerez wine-, meatballs of cuttlefish, sailor stews. You will also find something very special, "ortiguillas", an anemone that is fried and has a very special texture and a deep sea flavour. La Flor de Toranzo (C/ Jimios 1-3): Good iberic ham, one of the best places to eat "molletes" -kind of bread-, specially the spiced pork tenderloin. Good selection of wines. Jaylu (C/ López De Gomara 19): The best ham I ever ta
  11. Thanks Rogelio. Nice to learn from all of you, hope to provide some useful info.
  12. I agree with Rogelio and would also recommend the Glass Bar located in the Hotel Urban. Cool and trendy but also goold level in cocktails.
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