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  1. I had a chance to go tonight and love the space. I had the salmon and the chicken that others have described far better than I could! Loved both but my chicken arrived when I was half way through the salmon. Consequently it was almost cold by the time I began eating it. I will be back but hope the kitchen can work on the timing issues.

  2. Not being from London I'm pretty sure the answer is that the Ledbury came first. I'm not sure if this was mentioned in another thread but I thought it very odd and obvious. I've never observed such in any NYC restaurants. There are of course only so many proteins and the same seasonal ingredients seem to be on every restaurant menu at times, but I've just never noticed such similarity in preparation.

  3. I had a wonderful meal at Pollen Street Social my first night of my mini London vacation last week. I had the tasting menu at the bar and though the service was excellent (although always very different at the bar) and the food really great. I don't know if it has been mentioned in another thread, but I had lunch the next day at Ledbury and was very surprised by the similarity of a few dishes on both menus.

  4. I'm so torn. When I first saw news of this pop-up which happened to coincide with an already planned trip to London, I had to go. But I will be visiting from NYC and I can go to Per Se anytime at a much lower cost so it seems a bit silly to spend so much. And I've been to TFL so no need to have the experience transplanted although it perhaps would be an interesting comparison.

  5. I'm debating add Pollen Street Social to my agenda for a quick London trip next month. I will be traveling solo and it seems that on the reservations page you can reserve a seat at the bar - however I'm not clear if this is the regular bar or the dessert bar. Also might anybody know if the full menu is available at the bar?

    thank you!

  6. This story in the Trib on Grant Achatz is the most information about the chef I've read in one story. Who knew that his feud with Trotter is still ongoing? And I think his idea for his next restaurant, um, Next, is outtasight brilliant. The "reservation" system, not so much.

    Read it here.

    There really is no feud with Trotter. I think the press has blown those parts of the book out of proportion which Grant has tried to explain in some interviews this week.

  7. I was there this past Sunday night and thought all of the food was fabulous. I had the tasting menu (mare e monte, tortelli, agnello and baba al rhum) and loved everything. My only small complaint would actually be with the service. Maybe I've just gotten too picky but expect more at this price point. I went through a course and a half with an empty wine glass and wasn't asked if I wanted another drink. I also though the timing between courses felt a bit rushed, but then we sat for almost 30 minutes post dessert until we could get the server's attention to ask for our check.

    I'm not sure if any of the courses will stick in my mind for months as the fusilli at Marea does, but then Michael White has set the bar pretty high.

  8. I also read it in 2 days. Totally fantastic. Extremely well written (even more surprising coming from 2 non-authors) and riveting. My admiration and appreciation for Chef Achatz has grown immensely which I didn't think possible. I'm thankful that he and Nick managed to find each other. Even better that I was able to get my book signed today!

  9. I was slighly confused at the start (do you seat yourself...is there a hostess?). But very much enjoyed the concept and the space and loved having something to watch. I was seated at the raw bar station but we ordered from two others. The menu is slighly overhwelming at first, but everything we had was excellent. Will absolutely go back! Also a really great place for dining alone.

  10. I too am very glad that I ignored previous discussions of the Chocolate dessert. Prior to this course I felt that this was the best in 3 previous meals at Alinea. They were all fabulous and I keep wondering how it can get better, but it does. I was beyond shocked and pretty much speechless when chef Achatz showed up to create it. When the server initially said that the 'chef' would be by, I was thinking he couldn't possibly mean 'The Chef'.

  11. I enjoyed a fabulous meal at the FL this past week. I hate to be picky and know that when expectations are set so high, they are almost impossible to meet. My only quibbles actually have nothing to do with the food which was amazing as expected. The hostess did not offer to take my coat when we entered the restaurant or before we were led upstairs to our table. Only when I took it off and essentially handed it to her did she take it. We also did not receive menus to take home with us. Is this something that perhaps only Per Se does? I was sort of expecting one as I also wanted the list of wine pairings but then forgot as we were leaving and only remembered when we were already a few miles away.

  12. Finally made it to Keste for lunch yesterday. Our server was great and the pizzas came out very quickly. While I enjoyed the del re flavors very much, when I first attempted to separate a slice liquid literally gushed onto the plate - I'm guessing from the melted truffle spread? Soggy is almost an understatement. I enjoyed my friend's salsiccia e friarielli much more.

    Overall I thought it was very good - but not great. Perhaps my expectations were too high based on all of the press. Unfortunately I also am comparing all crust to recent memories of Pizzeria Bianco and am afraid that the bar is set too high.

  13. I have always thoroughly enjoyed my meals at 11Mad and look forward to each return visit. Service has certainly improved although I don't feel it is near the Per Se level. That said there are many factors which make up the ratings.

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