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  1. Martin's was recently named by Bon Apetit as one of the nation's top ten new BBQ joints . . . http://www.bonappetit.com/magazine/2009/07...cue_restaurants If the lines I've waited in lately are any guide, things are really taking off.
  2. Wow, this a a dream come true. I'm new to Nashville and thought I'd be doomed to roam the cocktail wastelands here for time immemorial. Patterson House looks to be a real ray of light. Love how you're serious about the ice and are making bitters, amari, vermouths, etc in house. I've been trying to sniff out the serious bartenders here for months, but while there is plenty of competence, there is a lack of innovation and even less curiousity. But I gotta say, if ever anything would make me want to quit my day job and pick up the shaker as a pro, this would about do it! But I can probably make do with regular visits . . . when do you open?
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