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  1. Going to N.O for our 6th anniversary. My wife and I went down there for our first Anniversary. and we ate at Bayona (excellent) and Emeril's. We would like to try Emeril's (and maybe some of his other places like NOLA, Delmonico's)again. The first visit was good with a high potential for a much better meal. Any opinions on Emeril places?
  2. Has anyone here every tried the steaks at Frank's Pizza In Quakertown? Blows them all to h*ll (and I've tried almost all of them). They hand slice their meat (it's not rib steak) cook it to order with raw onions like the other places which cook their onions ahead of time. They also have an amazing tomato sauce (made with san marzanos I think) that's optional. Juicy and very flavorful.
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