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  1. I have been in Bangkok now for 24 hours after 23 hours in Seoul. Was lucky enough to get into the city and have a few bites there though nothing worth mentioning here. After a day of eating well off of street stalls, I plan on heading to Chote Chitr and using the map for that area mentioned in a similar post. Other places on my list at Dalat Aw Taw Kaw and Taling Pling, which just happens to be about a block away from our current hotel. Am traveling for the next year so my food budget is pretty small and will be in Bangkok for another few days. Anything else I should add to the list not already mentioned in this thread?
  2. I really enjoyed reading this thread this morning. Thank you for all the pictures and stories. I am headed to Bangkok in a couple weeks. Will be there at least 4 nights but don't really have any formal plans after so will probably stay a little longer and might even travel back through a few weeks later after some time traveling around the country and Laos. It is interesting...When I mention Bangkok to most of my friends I get the "Don't stay there very long...just a transit point", but my foodie friends mention it as one of the best cities in the world. I had planned to cut down my portion intake after the holiday season but that might not happen
  3. Let me know how it goes. We have a 23 hour layover in Seoul on Jan 6th. Plan on staying in Myaendong and then going to Insadong the next morning before heading back to the airport. If you only have 23 hours in Seoul, what do you eat? I'm leaning towards Bibimbap, but I've had it many times in NY...
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