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  1. Yes, thank you. I must have been mixing up 6 yr 5 month for 5 to 6 years. Even at this somewhat young age, Handy is mind blowing.
  2. Handy is Saz 6yr at Cask Strength. The present bottling is a 5-6yr from what I'm told. While the barrels may be selected to provide for a spicier whiskey, the fruitiness of Saz 6yr still comes through. In my opinion its the proof that makes Handy the amazing product that it is. I wonder if Jeam Beam, Wild Turkey, Heaven Hill, Tutlletown, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers or Four Roses will add to the Cask Strength Rye Market. Thank you Buffalo Trace and Anchor Steam for Handy and the 18th Cen Spirit.
  3. I've mixed with it. Good spirits make good cocktails. Ri1 makes average ones because its an average spirit. Its still Rye. Its just quick finish, no complexity Rye. Sours with muddled berries work well because of the latent fruit, but I would never use it in a stirred drink.
  4. I think the best we can hope for in the next few years is a regular supply of the bottlings that are out there right now. I really don't think we will see new expressions in the 8 to 15 year range for at least 5 years from now because current demand for great bottles like Sazerac 6yr and Rittenhouse 100. Fritz is right in the article. We need to learn to drink young Rye. At least for awhile. I hope someone follows the Old Pertrero 18th century spirit model. 2+ years at 124.1 proof. 100% malted rye is harder to do, but the age and proof aren't. If 1 or 2 kentucky distilleries put just a few days a year to a whiskey like this, we would be in good shape before too long. And Jim Beam needs to change that stupid bottle out. Ri 1 is an insult to any one that loves the stuff. The whiskey is ok for sours and such, but the bottle is so stupid i don't even pick it up for beginners. Of course, like everyone else who knows the whiskey, I think it should be discontinued and re-bottled at 100 proof(or even cask strength ) as 5+ yr Overholt or Jim Beam Rye. I've been told that Ri 2 and Ri 3 will eventually come out. Its uncomfortable to think about.
  5. As someone that has worked with large format ice that is chipped from large blocks, please trust me that it would be nearly impossible to work with that style of ice without using your hands. At my current employment we use kold draft and I rarely touch the ice with my hands in front of guests because both the volume(as in so many people watching the drinks being built) and the ease at which kold draft cubes can be managed. With large format ice that just isn't an option.
  6. That's a great list. I'll be there if i'm ever in Philly, thats for sure. Is the Hirsh Canadian rye series straight rye or is it like other Canadian whisky, lacking a majority grain? We've thought about getting them but i assumed they didn't contain 51% rye. How's the flavor?
  7. What's your list? I admit to being somewhat surprised that there are as many as 23 different bottlings of rye whiskey. I assume most of these are of the high-end expensive sipping variety? Really, what we lack is more variety in mixing ryes. ← Jim Beam Old Overholt Pikesville Wild Turkey 101 Rittenhouse 80 Rittenhouse 101 Sazerac Ri 1 WT Russels Reserve 6yr Michters Small Batch Van Winkle 13yr Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Cask Strength Sazerac 18yr Hudson Manhattan Rye Old Potrero 18th Century Spirit Old Potrero Straight Rye Michters 10yr Kentucky Vintage 21yr Kentucky Vintage 23yr Hirsh 22yr Black Maple Hill 23yr Old Potrero Hotalings Rittenhouse 23yr
  8. I'm currently on a quest to find the whiskey bars in the US with the largest rye selections. At Seven Grand we now have 23 different bottlings, and we are always looking for new ones. What are some places with comparible numbers? If i'm ever in a city that gets mentioned, I know where i'm heading after i get off the plane.
  9. Most basic liquor stores in LA won't have any, but if they do it will be Wild Turkey 101 rye or Jim Beam. Better stores have Sazerac. The best only have obsurce rye's on the shelf long enough for someone who knows what they are too see them. Rye is the new vodka. Execpt it takes years to make and tastes great..
  10. i'm curious about the custom ice trays, where do you even go for something like that? is there a market for custom trays or cube, bar, and spherical ice? i found one place that sold spherical ice trays, but the spheres were only 2" or so. i would think that 2.5 or even 3 would be a better choice. ← I have used the spherical ice trays and the produce horrible ice. Apparently ice is not meant to freeze in a sphere. The best sphere i've seen comes from the japanese sphere maker that you can see on youtube and their web site. It costs too much for anything over 30mm though. One day....
  11. Do you think dry shaking a pastuerised egg sour quite a bit longer can improve the results, or is that only with foams.
  12. Although pasteurised egg white says it is pure, 100% egg white, it doesn't create the same head and body in a sour as raw egg. Why is this?
  13. Which size sphere device? Larger then 55mm is now avalible, and a a 65mm sphere from machine ice would great.
  14. If the other freezer is at a lower temperature, then of course this would be true. ← I have found that this is actually not true. Ice like many things gets more brittle the colder it gets. I like the temp of KD as is because you don't have to coddle it for a while before you start shaking. You see that warm up period at places like D&C and M&H because the ice is so freakin' cold. So speed wise,with KD you can drop in the cubes and GO!!! Once you shatter a cube you have to stop and strain, because you are then shaking with cracked/crushed ice. Toby ← #1 Do you think they were refering to the short time period the ice would spend out of freezeing are before re-entering a frezzer? Could that make it harder? Would it possibly round the sharp edges very slightly, making it less likley to shatter? I've been told that the warm up period at D&C and M&H is more for rounding the ice(although i definitly bow to you on this one Tody). I do slow figure 8's at first with Kold draft because i find that it doesn't shatter nearly as fast. So I guess the real question is: Is it the round edges that keeps it from shattering or the warming process? #2 Kold draft machines are stackable, according to the website. The top unit can have an additional top unit added to it. It should make twice as much ice of the same quality. Does anyone have experience with this?
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