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  1. Some months ago, Galliano changed the recipe of this worldwide famous italian liqueur. They named it L'Autentico that means The Original. In the 1989 Galliano was purchased to the french group Remy Cointreau and they changed the recipe in that one that we know like Galliano Vanilla liqueur. 3 years ago Lucas Bols bought the brand and at the and of 2008 the changed again the recipe into (they say) the original one. I have two question. 1 - Does anyone have a bottle of Galliano pre 1989 and can tell us if the new one is like that one? 2 - In the last 20 years we have made drink like H. Wallbanger, Golden Cadillac, and other classics with the wrong ingredient??? And if any drink that was invented during this 20 years call for Galliano, we have to find a substitute vanilla liqueur? Thank you Bruno Alchemie Cocktail Bar - Ischia Island - Italy www.alchemie.it
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