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  1. Mr. Seeber is NOT there. The new chef is a Mr. Leff, Jonathan, that is. And the name should be changed to...Bad. Went. Hated it. Uninspired, auction-house grub. Service confused--told us WHEN OUR MEAL(S) ARRIVED that one of them was "sold out." My med-rare requested salmon was well-well-and-then-some. Everything sucked..I so don't want to relive it.....
  2. I just had lunch at Cafe Boulud today, and with all of the talk of upscale NY restaurant "malaise", my faith in our fine city's food was restored. No tie necessary. Everything was exceptional: a delicate golden beet salad with roasted pumpkin seeds and fried red beet shavings for crunch, with a dab of ethereal goat cheese in the middle; sauteed bay scallops of superior quality with a touch of tangerine and celery. Trying to determine the jus it was in--meaty, but light, with a touch of sweetness.... It's been more than 6 months since my last visit and I'm happy to report that neither the quality nor service is flagging.
  3. Here is the "official" DuCasse white truffle menu: Clear Osetra caviar, new baked potatoes, sour cream Farm-raised eggs, grated white truffle, beef jus Aritisinal farfalle made with chestnut flour, veloute sauces, soft chicken "quenelles", tartufi di Alba Duck foie gras and seasonal vegetables, cooked together au pot, tartufi di Alba Herbs and autumnal salads, shavings of aged Parmesan, Tuber Magnatum Pico Cheese Choice of dessert Friandises & gourmandizes $280
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    Casa Adela

    nesita posted on Oct 25 2002, 11:52 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- um. ???
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    Casa Adela

    Glad to see others enjoy this joint! I especially like their rice and (pink) beans, which are quite tasty and good on their own, not just as an accompaniment. Also, try their carne guisada--beef stew--and oxtail stew if they have it. Long-stewed delights.
  6. I was recommending the rip chop, not the roast beef.
  7. On a Saturday night, I would even venture to call beforehand and ask them to put one aside for you--in case they run out. Believe me, it's happened! Have a good time and please report back. Oh, and best sides are the truffle creamed spinach, and goosefat potatoes!
  8. Btw Strip House is on E 12th between 5th and University
  9. The Strip House serves a beautiful, giant, 40oz prime rib. It's a special, though, and you should call beforehand to make sure they will have them that night. It's one of the few monstrously sized meals that IMHO had a flavor of the same proportion. Get it medium rare--oooh--the rendered fat and meat combo just knocked me out... Thanks for bringing back a great meat memory for me! I used to think of prime rib as an overcooked, underflavored banquet dish until I met the one at Strip House.
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    I like Risotteria and they always seem quite busy when I stop by. If you go, however, stick with the risotto. The panini are a tad greasy for my taste.
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