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  1. Favorites in LV: 1) Alex 2) Aureole 3) Le Cirque
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    I had dinner at Aureole on Friday night, and considered it a "wow" experience. Food was very creative and delicious. Favorites were the seared foie gras with peach as a first course, and the duck breast with figs and honey for the main course. The maple and corn flan was perfect. Service is alway attentive. Aureole is my favorite restaurant. After five years of fairly regular dining there, Aureole is never less than wonderful. They're celebrating their 20th anniversary, and I wish them many more years of great success!
  3. Thanks very much for the detailed menu. I could never do it justice. I had lunch at Ko last Saturday, and loved it so much that I tried for another lunch reservation. I got extremely lucky and had lunch again today. I still love it. I prefer lunch at Ko over dinner since it is an extremely luxurious way to spend a weekend. Service is extremely attentive. People are friendly. Food is among the most creative in the city. Everyone knows that they're in for an unforgettable three hours. I look forward to returning in the autumn after the menu changes. I do hope they add the butter bomb as a regular part of the menu--it's unforgettable!
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