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  1. The best choice for vegetarians in Amsterdam is Marius. It's a very small restaurant in Amsterdam west. The chef/owner worked years by Chez Panisse in Berkeley. He is really great with vegetables and fish. For lunch there is just one perfect place, Gartine. It's in the Taksteeg, very close to the Spui. It's in the slowfood tradition. Almost everything is made by themselves. From excellent pies to quiche. The vegetables are coming from their own vegetable garden and they are delicious! It's small and almost always fully booked. I advise you to call them 0031203204132 It's not expensive.
  2. Beluga is by far the most overrated restaurant in The Netherlands. Hans van Wolde is trying to create a shock effect with his food to impress his guests. He uses powerfull and easy flavors to make 'complex' dishes that everyone will like but it lacks depth and refinement. All of this isn't that bad but what I really don't like are pretentious! He and his staf are arrogant and do not have a lot of knowledge at all. You will notice this especially with the wine pairings. Once I asked some background information about a wine and the waiter didn't knew a bit so he looked at the label of the bottle and concluded that it was from france. More information he couldn't tell us ( he really thought that his answer would satisfy me) Another time I had lunch and did order a tasting menu. The maitre refused, because there were just a few guests in the restaurant so it was not worth it to cook a big menu only for 2 persons. I think I made my point about Beluga.
  3. 1. Guy savoy 2. Picasso 3. Joel Robuchon 4. Bouchon 5. Le cirque 6. Charlie Palmer's 7. The Verandah ( four seasons) 8. Michael Mina 9. Nobu 10. Spago
  4. I just finished my food trip to the san francisco bay area. I've been to Aqua, Gary Danko's, Zuni Cafe, Bouchon, Michael Mina and Chez Panisse. Auqua was definitely the best of them all. But actually I liked them all very much except Michael Mina. Michael Mina was nothing about food anymore. It was all about prestige. I don't like that fact, I prefer restaurants where the food is central. I hope to get back soon to sf bay area!
  5. Melisse is without doubt the best restaurant in LA. The food is supurb and service outstanding. Although it will cost you $110 for a plain 4 course meal, but at the end of the evening you will walk away with a big smile. My favorites are 2 preparations of foi gras, wilde alaska salmon and the chocolade dessert. Other great restaurants are Spago and Joe's.
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