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  1. I’d have to disagree after living on Merseyside for over 20 years and only finding a handful of restaurants that are worth mentioning. there are very few places to eat and I’m not using fraiche as a bench mark as I like to eat out not just 'top end food'. I’ve tried Panoramic twice and both times haven't been good although the view is good. I’ve eaten at spire and was good but that was a while back.
  2. Fraiche is a must!! the only problem is that you will have to wait till may/june time as you can see on their website restaurantfraiche.com otherwise liverpool is a desert food wise
  3. ive eaten at the wheatsheaf inn recently and the main was good but the starter was disappointing. i would not eat at hilbark as it is well over priced and the food isn't good. they own the new hotel in port sunlight so dont think it would be much improvement there. also the chef who spent time at juniper has moved on from thorton hall. hope this is helpful!
  4. wow that lemon merigue pie looks good
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