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  1. OK I searched the article myself and here's another link with what appears to be the same article that I posted from the WSJ (and does not require you to be a subscriber to read the article): http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05361/628542.stm I also noticed when searching for Starr on this Ministry of Rum forum, there is a recipe for Adult Film Starr which I think was offered at the Rum Fest last year. Joy Lewis
  2. I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal this weekend about a premium rum from the African island paradise of Mauritius. What is it about island paradises (including Australia) and rum? Yo, Ho, Ho and a Fancy New Bottle Of 'Superpremium' Rum By VANESSA O'CONNELL Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL December 27, 2005; Page A13 I've included the link below. Unfortunately you have to have a subscription in order to access it. Maybe you can google the reporter's name or article's title and access it in another way. At any rate, here's a 100 word clip of the beginning of the article. "An episode ... of "The O.C." showed . . . characters...in a bar talking business. Mr. Gallagher offers Mr. Dale some Starr African Rum. "Starr?'' he suggests. Mr. Dale's character is willing, if a little surprised. "I never took you for a rum man," he says. The last 10 years have seen vodka, bourbon and tequila claim their places as "superpremium" liquors, selling in chic nightspots, packaged in ornate or arty bottles, with elaborate backstories about their origins. Rums reach for club chic with new brands including 10Cane, Premiere Canne, Starr and Oronoco. Now, rum is bellying up to the bar for its turn" http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1135639000...ON=wsjie/6month Not being a rum drinker of any consequence, I do like the bottle! And I love the names of the cocktails. http://polishedpalate.com/ images/african-rum.jpg And the pulsing rhythm of the Starr website might be a good catalyst: http://www.africanrum.com/ Please be advised that the article itself is quite interesting. Along with not being a rum drinker of any consequence, I am also not a proficient write of abstracts. It also looks like it was featured at RumFest. Joy Lewis
  3. Join the Minister of Rum on a Celebrity Cruise to the Caribbean. Edward Hamilton, Spirit lecturerer for the first of the cruises, will be sharing his insights into the rums of Dominican Republic, Barbados, Grenada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Details about Cruise at: http://rccl.bridgetrack.com/savorcaribbean...3C85840&BT_TX=1 Joy Lewis Webmaster, Ministry of Rum
  4. joynme

    Rumfest USA

    More details about the New York RumFestUSA can now be found in Happy Hours' press release at the following site: http://www.happyhours.com/pressRelease_sto....htm?&itemid=59 Ed will keep you posted as well. Joy Lewis Webmaster, Ministry of Rum website
  5. Was this what you were asking about?? Joy
  6. I've been negligent in getting the following information Ed sent me about 'Spirit of the Caribbean' on the Ministry website, so here it is in the meanwhile. 'The website for the Spirit of the Caribbean is now up. The logo isn't up yet but the link Spirit of the Caribbean is working. And the information on the rum tasting is finally up after some long delays. Spirit of the Caribbean April 1-4,2004 St Maarten Rum, Cigars and other fine things from the Caribbean http:www.spiritofthecaribbean.net organized by Caribex' Joy Webmaster for MinistryofRum.com
  7. joynme

    Rhum JM

    Hi Jason! It's me, Joy, web master of the Ministry of Rum website. If you go to our home page, http://www.ministryofrum.com and select J.M Rhum Vieux from the list and click the 'Where Can I Get It?' button, there's a whole list of retailers who claim they have it, a couple here in Chicago. Also, you can go to our Rum Profiler page, again choose J.M Rhum Vieux from the list and there's a label pictured on the description page. Seeing the label might help confirm whether it is the same rum you are describing ... It doesn't say the Trex part, so maybe not ... Ed would know for sure. Hope this helps .. at least it's a start ... Joy Lewis
  8. hi folks I'm Joy, the webmaster for the MinistryOfRum website. There is a 3 page article on Ed Hamilton and the Ministry of Rum and his new boat, the Triton, featured on page 53 of the May issue of Sail magazine. Pictured are Ed, his boat and a unique rum he has in his collection. Article relates more on Ed and his story, and his quest for researching the world of rum. Either sneak a peak at your favorite newsstand or buy an issue .. at any rate, Enjoy! Joy Lewis
  9. And if you want to download a .zip or .sit file of the trailer for this video, go to this website address: http://www.ministryofrum.com/rumvideo.html
  10. Here's the case the video comes in
  11. And here's the back of the post card with the same details Ed spelled out!
  12. Hi Here's the graphic from the front of the postcard being sent out for the Rum Fest -- neat graphic! It would make a great poster!
  13. Hi I'm Joy the webmaster for the Ministry of Rum site. We have a quicktime type file on the video we hope to be uploading soon, either to our site or a site which allows uploading/downloading/streaming etc. I'm not a rum drinker but Ed gave me a copy of the video and I found it to be very professional. You can see the back of Ed's head in a few shots -- he's the tall guy! Anyway, it provides a great ambiance for the Story of Rum. They've integrated the illicit rum maker (I just loved her!!) throughout, and gave a lot of the history and processing. As a novice, I thought it was excellent. As a Photo Major in college, I thought the filming was excellent! But ... rum processing, at least to me, is not so appetizing, the shots of crushed sugar cane look like corn husks to me ... but then you know what they say about sausages ... if you saw what went into them, you wouldn't like that either. But I agree with the previous person who posted on this subject, it would have been really neat to see conneisuers (sp?) at the end of the vieo. It would have taken the edge off of the sludge stuff you see in the middle and left a more palatable feeling. I do recommend it highly, with all my biases, but thought they did a very nice job. The video package is very rich looking and I will be posting a picture of that on the home page of the site soon. There are also more details about purchase at our yahoo store. But no question, the video is very well done. After watching, I felt I had been there and back. Lots of local color and commentary. I would recommend. Buy it! Buy it1
  14. here is the copy I will be uploading on website re: Prichard's. Prichard's Fine Rum One of the few rums distilled in the US, Prichards Fine Rum comes from the only legal rum distillery in Tennessee. Distilled from Grade A fancy (food grade) molasses. Prichard's is distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in new, 18 gallon, charred white oak barrels. And in the tradition of great spirits, Prichard's ages and then bottles their rum at cask strength, without diluting the rum which also dilutes the rich flavor and color of the spirit. The deep amber color is inviting and is the prelude to a very drinkable spirit. I discovered a subtle tropical floral nose followed by balanced notes of cider, vanilla and roasted hazelnut. The silky finish is evidence of a mature spirit bottled at 80 proof, 40% alcohol by volume. http://www.prichardsdistillery.com/ For information on where you can buy Prichard's Fine Rum please contact: Phil Prichard Prichard's Distillery PO Box 100 Kelso, Tennessee 37348 800 414 2352 .414.2352 prichard@vallnet.com
  15. Hi - I'm Joy the webmaster for the Ministry of Rum site. Actually Ed gave me information for Prichard's as the new rum of the month (about 2 months ago and I haven't uploaded it yet) but I will have it on the home page shortly. Keep posted ...
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