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  1. I just wanted to chime in about Houston Restaurant week this year. As a quick disclaimer, I have to say I am on the planning committee so my views are definitely a little biased. We are working very diligently to get as many restaurants involved this year. We have recently added some really great restaurants (VOICE, *17, Cafe Annie, Glass Wall, Max's Wine Dive--just to name a few) and are currently in discussions with a lot of others in hope of getting more restaurants to participate. We already have 37 restaurants participating, which is more than double the amount from last year. We would love it if every restaurant in town would be a part of this event but unfortunately some restaurants do not feel it is right for them. Keep checking the website www.HoustonRestaurantWeek.com to see an updated list of participating restaurants. It is a great opportunity to try out new restaurants or old favorites for a reasonable price while helping to contribute to a great charity, Houston's End Hunger Network. We are going to start posting the menus online soon so hopefully those will generate some interesting discussions about what menu items sound the most intriguing. Take care. have you taken a look at the list of restaurants for this year? 1 more month to go before the list of restaurants and their corresponding menus are finalized. not too impressed so far. could i even spend $35 on a 3 course meal on a normal night at some of these places if i tried? dharma cafe, open city, hungry's???? i know it's for charity and all, but COME ON... the first day of restaurant week in NYC was like christmas day for me (only better b/c it came around twice a year). most of the top restaurants participated even if it were for weekday lunches only. how do you think a girl making $60K and paying $1200 in rent every month could afford to eat at craft, cafe boulud, eleven madison park, fleur de sel, gramercy tavern, and le cirque twice a year? ← Seriously! Why don't Houston Restaurant's get restaurant week. Dallas's is awesome. I don't want to eat at 3/4 of those places under normal circumstances or cheap restaurant-week circumstances. I don't understand. ←
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