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  1. Malawry, I just remember the ship's kitchen as being HUGE. It seemed to have quite a few rooms. The ship I was on (Carnival Cruise lines) had a guest capacity of over 2000. The main kitchen served two seatings per meal per day, in two main dining rooms. There were also other dining options, so I'm not sure that all the food was prepared in the main kitchen. I'll be cruising again in mid-December, on Royal Caribbean. I'm definitely going to do another kitchen tour if it is offered. Oh, and by the way, I was amazed at the wonderful food on the ship. I'd talked to another person before the trip and she told me that dining in the dining rooms was preferable to the little bistros and buffets in other areas of the ship. I'm so glad I took her advice, because the food and service were out of this world. We all loved the butter (Presidente) and asked for more at each meal
  2. Malawry, thanks for showing those photos. I would never have had the chance to see a professional teaching kitchen otherwise. I've been on a tour of the kitchens on a cruise ship, but it's kinda rushed (really fascinating, though). I'm enjoying your posts immensely.
  3. Malawry, I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your diary immensely. I've followed your posts for quite a while on another BBS and always enjoyed your point of view. With your skills being elevated to a professional level, I hope to read even more about your adventures in the kitchen!