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  1. Anisette If you need somekind translation on recipe from Indonesian to english for your MIL Sulawesi cuisine, just let me know, since I'm in Indonesia so it shouldn't difficult to find it as long you got the name of the cuisine, but i think if you try to find exact Sulawesi cuisine in Vancouver it will be difficult. Here's one of the Indonesian recipe site that I found www.indochef.com/index.shtml Fmed, That's a good Indonesian cookbook from Sri Owen you have there.
  2. Fmed, Java and Sulawesi they are different island, Sulawesi cuisine are more spicy than Javanese, South Sulawesi has famous ribs serve with soup and eat it with rice cake call "Konro Soup" mostly they boil the ribs till tender with spices like cinnamon, black pepper and other local spices. But North Sulawesi they use more chilies in their cuisine and they more options on the meat choices. While javanese cuisine less spicy and tend to sweet and little bit oilly and use a lot of coconut milk in their cuisine. Hopefuly will help you
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