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  1. mothersruin


    Not really, I'm just expecting it to be a delicate white fleshed fish. Maybe nice with soy, maybe wasabi. I'm not expecting it to be overly fatty.
  2. mothersruin


    We'll be in Tokyo in a fortnight and am wondering if anyone knows a good place we might be able to sample fugu? There seems to be lots of recommendations for the obligatory chicken sashimi and horse tataki - fugu, being a little riskier, might be worth more investigation. Very grateful for any and all suggestions!
  3. That's a fair call folks - I've always thought a commercial luau would be, well, commercial. Thanks for your help!
  4. Maui for the wedding, then the Big Island on the Hilo side for the rest of our time there Jaymes.
  5. We're looking to travel to Hawaii in March next year and I was wondering whether there is anything like a credible or good luau experience available? One that isn't totally tourist? I realise the inherent contradiction in this - a luau being something family and friends would share in private, and that the concept of going to a commercial or paid one slightly defeats the purpose of this - but I wonder if there are any out there which are actually good either from a food sense, or which don't just put on tourist naff. So many I have seen are at hotels which I imagine are more the latter. Any tips or experiences would be appreciated. We're spending most of our time in Maui and the Big Island, on the Hilo side.
  6. Bumping this up - any successful reservations yet??
  7. So has *anyone* got a successful reservation for 2010 yet??
  8. Alas, all of mine have come in now. Rejected. Just to be safe I have made an entry in my calendar 10 days out from arriving in Spain. Maybe they'll take pity on me!!!
  9. One lot was sent out on 1 Jan, rejections last week. Another lot on or about 13 Jan, 2 of 4 lots rejected, so a couple more in play. I don't know what's worse - the rejections or the hope that some are still viable!
  10. @jeroen_kb I'm in the same boat as you. I have rejections for some requests and none more for others. What I have noticed though is that rejections go out before acceptances, so Tthat might give us the best indication for where they are in the process. Has anyone succeeded in scoring a reservation for 2010 yet??
  11. When can we expect to find out for 2010? Can anyone please tell me when notifications came in last year perhaps? That might give us an indication. It's so tricky trying to plan a trip from Australia when you don't know whether to make the extra leg to Roses or not!
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