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  1. Not sure if you guys saw this, but Bruni finally got in: http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/200...rs-the-hen-egg/ It's not a real review, he mostly complains about calling the egg a "hen egg", which I thought was a little silly and the explanation he got makes perfect sense. I guess while I'm posting I'll add a couple thoughts from when I went. From reading this forum, I found out about the debut of the res system (Thanks Fat Guy) and was lucky enough to get an 8:45 res on the first friday after friends and family. But then a few days before that day, I got a call from them saying there was a bug and they had double books some slots somehow. I continued to listen with dread, but luckily they were not canceling me outright, but just asking if I wouldn't mind giving up that spot for a spot the following week that hadn't gone online yet. So to help them out I went the following Thursday. I was definitely nervous that something would go wrong and my res would get lost, especially since I didn't have an email confirmation, but they were ready for us when we showed up. And obviously it was awesome. Especially the foie. (Which I got to eat half of my wife's since she's not a big foie fan, silly woman, but good for me. although I often get jealous comments at communal tasting dinners like the when my neighbor notices.) There was one dish we received which I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere yet. My wife's also not a big scallop eater, which we usually point out before the meal so they sub something else. We did ask the server if they'd adjust the menus for things like that she doesn't like, but we were not sure that Ko was equipped to do that, so were not offended when the server who sat us told us it was a set menu and they couldn't switch it up. So looks like I'd have to make the sacrifice and eat her scallop too. But then after that course, the chef had noticed she didn't eat it, so he offered her an extra course. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was a nicely seared white fish (sea bass)? topped with Uni in a broth. And it was really good.
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