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  1. Does anybody have a name for his replacement? A Guess?
  2. Yes I heard the same last week, and it was immediately blamed on Lehmans by their acting manager. Somehow, I don't think so - you don't shut within hours of a local failure. A shame: Ubon was a way of having the same food as Nobu but without snotty pretentious staff so far up themselves I'm surprised they weren't choking on their own egos, and pathetically short table turning to go with it. And Ubon had better portion sizes too. H ← Beware of Tom Aikens, grapewine tells me lady Bamford is pulling out and the Fish shop closed not due to anything else then poor trade.... That might be a big name for the Credit Crunch to swallow.
  3. Planning to go to resturant BLU in Shangri-la hotel, any body been.
  4. Egullet, I recently entered a discussion regarding a band that would be good for a wedding music we looked at a few bands and came up that a good cover band would be the best, than when we talked about food my friend suggested to ask the chef to do your favorite dishes, we laughed at the idea at first We all agreed it would face some challange like that they would be able to pull it off considering the amount of knowledge some of the chefs have from my favorite food then the moral off stealing dishes that another chef had created etc so here are the basis for your opinoins What is the difference regarding a cover band singing some very personal songs someone written and who he/she hope to get reconition for or a chef creating a dish he/she would like to be recognized for? Could a cover chef be the norm? Is it already and is their any chef who does this openly or is it a big TABU and denial.... Can anybody give a example of such practice,who is your "Cover Chef"
  5. Dear Jon, You are missing my point, As i have an intressest in london Dining and so has my friends who go out and experience many resturants some work in the industry some dont, however when we talk we rate resturant like any other human being , in these discussions Pied a terre has been discussed my self and some of what i call my friends highly enjoys PAT and some has stated thiere beleife that its the weakest 2 star my opinon is NO way and some tips it for losing its 2nd star, only thire own opinoin no secret little info etc... Its just a few of my friends suggestion nothing more, I thought Egullet would be a good place to see if this is what people thinks, So I wrote aswell I hope the reports I have heard is WRONG and that the Egullet can confirm its success is still going I agree that the topic name is a little bit doom and Gloom with a headline taken from THE SUN, however thats common practice to use a DISASTER headline, it generates more readers... See below some comments on the Egullet This is what Corinna Dunne writes about GORDON RAMSAY
  6. I don't know what gave him the idea that Gordo would be there to hold his hand. He doesn't do it anywhere else. In any event, it’s not closed and they are still taking bookings for the chef’s table, with Johnny McIver now acting as head chef. If he’s the guy who was cooking the night I was there, the place is doomed. Things are tightening up a bit in Ireland with the recession. I heard that Capella Castlemartyr , a high profile luxury hotel in Cork, which opened with Roger Olson (ex Pied a Terre) as head chef, has gone into liquidation. There are now a glut of hotels in Ireland that were built for tax purposes. The nursing homes of the future? ← So Johnny cant cook and Roger is not allowed to cook, is he still there?Who is taking over?
  7. yes Scott, im not speculating, but i am curious what Egullet thinks. its a forum .......
  8. the real question is, "will pied-a-terre be going up" I ate there last week and it is was the most amazing meal. Seldom do i find a meal so faultless, it must be a contender for 3 stars, it is the strongest of the two star restaurants ← Perfect, I am pleased, Egullet seems to agree. So you would agrue its stronger then Petrus. Sqaure for sure, Capital ...Close in my opinion. And regarding the space I dont think its smaller and more cramped then RHR or Fat Duck. Its not that tight, and the FOH has always been very strong when I have been for dinner, would not fault the service or food. But 3 stars.. why not!
  9. marcus eaves is a pure talent, i would not bet against that he will move to a new venu in the next year, surely he wil be supported by PAT to secure a "Hotel"deal, his cooking should not be in a small "Cheap and Cheerful" setup. He deserves a more serious resturant , with the full bits&bobs included.
  10. During the past year I have been told some very surprising comments that Restaurant Pied a Terre is dropping in its quality. Some say it’s the weakest 2* in London and some suggestion has been it will be deducted the second star. I my self love Chef Osborn style of cooking, saying that i also heard he is not in the kitchen much nowadays... Egullet True or False? I hope the reports I have heard is WRONG and that the Egullet can confirm its success is still going
  11. Egullet, Just Read an interview with Mr Naret from the guide saying that Singpore might just get its own edition, is this something Egullet would like to see and does anybody have any news if this is happening and when it will be released? Any Gossip on this topic is worth writing. I am planning to visit singapore and would be delighted to found out if anybody have some preditction should the guide come, Is their any resturant worthy of 3 * and who should be awarded 2* and 1*, Please give some advice as i do found the guide in london very helpful and kind of would like to Have a good day
  12. I am glad this issue has generated well tought comments, Intressting that they are aproching so many chefs, Does any one know about the future projects they have lined up, they did talk about some outside UK.
  13. Absolutly no chance, i would be very interested to know where you have found they are a very good company to work for? i have only heard not very good things They are attracting and employing some good chefs, but they pay silly salaries, probably more than you would imagine!!! how much do you think a head chef should get paid for a 100 cover restaurant and small deli type thing? ← So they are bad to work for but they pay very good salaries? ← As for any good job in a big city like london, i would say at least 75 k a year plus sometype of benefit(bonus), i think that is very reasnoble salary for a 100 cover rest with a good turnover. io certanally think the chef is key to a resturant success and should be rewarded for it. most headchefs espacially in london work 80 hours plus . I beleive a success ful busy resturant can afford to pay the chef a good salary. Nowdays chef de parties get 23 k a year minmum. However my intresset for this topics is not mainly based on a good salary, I think a chef would love a chance to be provided with a resturant to run with. many good chef do not get that oppertunity, I wondering if D&D will be able to offer this opertunityies for talented chefs.. And in that case i think they are a good company to work for and my understanding of D&D is fair. Of course thiere are many reason a company is good or bad, Ramsey who is proberly one of the hardest company to work for in term of expactation and level pressure also is at the moment the best company to provide big investment to get something up and running. look at broad resturant base he now holds from 3 star to good pub food. All his long term serving staff, of course they have work very hard and they now have something to show for it. this for me makes a great company. Does egullet think D&D will reach that level and is anything in the Pipeline.? I base the topic and from the article in resturant magazine listing of best resturant groups. And also off thiere success ,espacially with Tristan Welsch reviews over the last couple of months. Have not been there yet , but would love to go.
  14. D&D resturant group is defently getting stronger and better possebli best representative is The Launceton Place new look. They are from my understanding a company that is a very good company to work for with many future projects.If you look at Ramsay Holdings he has been given any chef who has stayed with him pretty much a resturant to run for him, great OPPERTUNITIES If any one know what the group is working on or "Gossip" and do the Egullet beleive D&D will be so successful they would have the same aproach to give its long serving chefs a resturant of thiere own in the coming years?
  15. Great post, but youve forgotten that Bagatelle also has two stars. ← Hmmm.. The last time I looked, Bagatelle was still in Oslo? ← mattias Dahlgren is now locted in the Grand Hotel , he retained his star he got at Bon Lloc but on top of that gained a rising star for second one. Also Chez Dominic in Helsinki has two stars and is a super nice resturant I have been told, also made it in to the 50 best rest -08. For the best resturant in sweden now is whit out of a doubt Oaxen Skargardskrog. A bit of a drive but so is Mugaritz...in spain Check it out NOW
  16. Corinna, Many thanks for your most impressive writings, It made me think a lot about education regarding our young people, and I do agree that its very little a Chef can do on a broad scale like we are talking here, however I do think a lot of chefs with a good resturant behind them probarly have more solid foundation then your avarage TV chef to educate people, I suppose the combination is what is needed. Many thanks for the long list of resturants and chefs that you have highlighted in your text.
  17. I agree with that Dublin has becomme a good city for food, many good resturants at the moment however they still cater for people who like theire meat well done, I am not directing my statement on the resturant or the chefs, I am more talking about the people who goes to resturants(good and bad) and order the meat welldone, And I beleive many good restrants are helping educating the nation and my Question was who is helping the Dublin resturant in this progress I was more wondering who will take on the challange and who is most likely to achieve a star outside Dublin? To have the same progress as Dublin have had over the last few years, which I fully agree is good,some even extremly good. My statement is not wrong however I agree it needs more explanation. Patrick Do you agree now when i have explaned what i based my statement on?
  18. Egullet After visiting Ireland and having friends who moved over to Ireland my conclusion is that Ireland is far behind of the rest of modern food movement, Highly surpricing i found that most people still eat the meat well done or as my friend claim Very Welldone..Is their any sight of improvment in the near future and also can they be rescued from "Welldone meat with two veg and Sauce", I would like to see who the society beleives is helping the change and also why they are helping. Ireland had two new Micheline star resturant this year Will it be followed next year and who is on the road for the next acclaimed resturant?
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