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  1. Hello everyone, and thank you for the incredibly helpful reviews and suggestions. I stumbled into this website on a Google search, and immediately got hooked! I'm amazed at all the information that has built up in this discussion over the past several years, and I must say that it easily outdoes the dining sections of my three guidebooks combined. We'll be visiting the Terres Basses area for the week starting Sat. March 22, 2008, and I'm digging for some help on some memorable places from our last visit to the island 19 years ago. I understand that this is a long time for the restaurant business, so I imagine these places are now gone, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I remember a killer white seafood lasagne on Front Street at a small place called Callaloo. I can't find info anywhere, so I assume it's gone? We had killer ribs at a hilltop restaurant counter-clockwise from Philipsburg, perhaps in Point Blanche. Does anyone remember it? Finally, we had phenomenal French/Creole food at a tiny romantic place that I think was halfway up Pic Paradis, perhaps called Paradise Cafe. There we had creamy Shrimp Champignon and spicy Creole Conch. Isn't it amazing that food memories stay with us for so long? If anyone remembers these places, or knows if they still exist, we would like to revisit them as part of our 20th anniversary tour of the island. Some places we are considering for this trip are listed below. I've seen rave reviews of many of them here, but the comments go back several years. If anyone can offer current tips, we'd appreciate it. Since we only have a week, we're shooting for a couple of upscale (reservations required) dinners and as many meals as possible at other local favorites on a more spontaneous schedule. We'll also be there at the peak of high season (spring break), so any pointers about getting into the best places despite the crowds would be helpful. Poulet d'Orleans (wow! this place sounds amazing!) Citrus Le Cottage Chez Yvette Uncle Harry's happy hour at the Dinghy Dock (thanks eGullet members for the tip!) Talk of the Town Enoch's Place Rosemary's Lolo (Mistinguett's photos are fantastic!) Hilma's Windsor Castle I promise detailed reviews and lots of photos upon my return! Thanks again for the informative discussion! David Marks San Mateo, CA
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