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  1. I would recommend Cointreau which is what i use as i can`t find Curacao de Curacao and i think Cointreau is very good in Mai Tais. I take it down to 1/4 th oz instead of 1/2.
  2. Hi, this was a nice topic and thanks for hosting! My blog post is here: http://www.amountainofcrushedice.com/?p=7435 Cheers! Tiare SMOKY PINEAPPLE DELIGHT 1 pineapple, hollowed 5-6 chunks of fresh pineapple 2 oz tequila reposado 0.5 oz Crema de mezcal (Del Maguey) 1 oz honey-cream-mix ¼ oz orgeat Ting to top Hollow out a whole pineapple to make a drink vessel, the easiest way is to use a pineapple corer. Preferably use a pineapple thats is newly matured, they are less sweet. To easily take out the core in the middle, cut a bit with a small knife and/or twist it. Then take 1-2 slices and cut out chunks. If you dont have a fresh pineapple, don`t use canned juice…rather use a cartoned juice. Add all ingredients to a blender saving ice for last and blend at high speeed for exactly 20 sek. Then strain through a fine wire mesh sieve into the pineapple filled with crushed ice. top with Ting and serve immediately. Garnish a pineapple leaf and mezcal soaked cherry. HONEY CREAM MIX Take equal parts liquid honey, sugar and butter and heat it and stir to make a sauce.
  3. Nice labels! its the first time i see them, so now i have only to wait for my bottle to arrive T
  4. I would definetily keep it as simple as possible and make sure of having tons and tons of ice.
  5. And not to forget Campari..and Campari cocktails..
  6. That`s exactly my favorite as well! a must - not only in the summer..and yes the JWray is brilliant stuff! i even wrote about it in my blog a while ago.
  7. There is a discussion going on at the Ministry of Rum about 2 different Luxardos, one is 38% alc. and another one is 32%. When i read that i went and checked my own bottle and it is 32% I was thinking that maybe someone here will know why there`s this difference?
  8. For me its easy, i can only find one type of mint here.
  9. Its really sad when quality is cut down for instant profit. In our Tikibar (TikiRoom) luckily fresh fruits are used, also fresh egg whites. Mixes are banned. And at bestbars.se, TikiRoom has no 1 position in the category drinks. I believe strongly in in the use of fresh produce, better ingredients makes better drinks, simple as that, whether its a Tiki bar or other bar.
  10. When you talk about a white Campari, its not the Cordial Bitter you talk about? A pic here from Ebay italy If that`s the case, it still exsists.
  11. I`m still on my Paprika experiment cruise...so i made this spiced Paprika Whiskey Sour. Maybe Paprika doesn`t sound so very tasty in a drink, but this one is really refreshing. Spiced Paprika Whiskey Sour 2x2 cm red Paprika 50 ml Bourbon 20 ml Fresh Lemon juice 20 ml Raspberry pureé 30 ml Honey Spice Mix Garnish: 3 red Paprika strips. Muddle the paprika in a mixing glass and add the rest of ingredients and shake with ice, strain in ice filled rocks glass. Honey Spice Mix (2 drinks) : 20 ml Honey, 20 ml Water 20 ml Fresh Lemon Juice 2 cm piece crushed Cinnamon stick 8 crushed green Cardamom pods Stir honey with Water, Lemon Juice, Cinnamon and Cardamom in a small pan. Bring to a slight boil and simmer for about 15 minutes. Cool. Raspberry Purée 2 dl Raspberries, 1 tsp fresh Lemon Juice, 1 tsp simple syrup, add a little water, puree. You want a quite thin pureé, so if to thick add some more water. Strain through cheesecloth to discard the seeds.
  12. I`m a Campari drinker since some 20 years or so and i`m quite disturbed by this change. I can only find the new watery version now and my old is long gone..very frustrating. The new one makes a "ok" drink, but the old one.. Maybe i can find some from Germany and if i do i would like to store them but they can`t be stored too long i suppose..so i wonder how long could they be stored?
  13. Tiare


    ← This gave me a good laugh..thank you.
  14. [...] ← Haha! I can't believe a Swede is asking me for advice on Arrack Punch! Mange tusen tak! You've done wonders for my self esteem! ← Hm..it was the tea i was asking about..not the arrak... but ok..the punch then, you win.
  15. I have all the ingr except for that tea which i doubt i will find here, is there any other similar (and common) tea i can use?
  16. Sorry, i should have made that clear of course..its what you in the US call Bell Pepper, its called Paprika here. You just make a simple syrup: Take 1/3 of a red paprika and 1/3 of a green and roast/grill them in the owen until the surface gets blackened. Let cool and take off most of the skin but leave just a little on. Make a 2:1 simple with white sugar to 1L water and add the paprika and some lemon zest and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Add a little JW&N overproof rum, let cool and strain. This syrup gets a lovely paprika lemony flavor. This is for the rum drink...(but i also believe it could be nice in Tequila drinks, which i`m going to experiment with but i`m out of Tequila.)
  17. Forgot my rum drink: BELL PEPPER PUNCH * 35 ml Havana Club 3 years (or Appleton White rum). * 35 ml fresh Pineapple Juice * 15 ml Roast Paprika Syrup * 15 ml fresh Lemon juice * Dash Grapefruit bittters - preferably home made Shake, strain and serve over a mountain of crushed ice lightly dusted with Madagascar vanilla powder. Garnish with a pineapple leaf. Cheers!
  18. That sounds really interesting..!
  19. I make a lot of syrups because i`m a hopeless syrup geek. I usually make them 2:1 and slightly boil just at the end and before bottling rinse the bottles with hot water. I add 1 oz of JW&N overproof, "just to make sure" (?) and they are fine in the fridge but i always also use them up in a few months although i`ve had vanilla syrups for a year.Another thing i believe is important is good straining. I also regularly clean the upper part of the bottle to avoid any mush around the pour, don`t know how necessary that is but i like my bottles clean.
  20. Tiare


    You've convinced me. I am definitely going to the try the Rye Cobbler, which sounds delightful, and maybe the Tequila Cobbler as well. ← I was going to say the same thing..
  21. I`ve been using my wooden muddler for years and i haven`t noticed any problems with it. And yes, usually you muddle the same things.
  22. Finally i get that one explained, there is no such thing where i live and I`ve seen it in many US recipes..so what`s the purpose for it really? to stabilize? or to sub for heavy cream? We have one type of whipping cream here, so to me a whipping cream is a whipping cream..and its not chemical.
  23. Tiare


    I just got a bottle myself, so i look forward to your recipes.. Usually i drink this (and Campari) with soda, orange/lemon or lime and ice and sometimes JW&N overproof rum.
  24. Much less messy yes.. Half and half cannot be found in my country though..have no real clue what to sub with? Here is only heavy cream.
  25. I have somewhat managed to miss this thread..i find it really interesting as i love to make all kinds of infusions, but fat wash i haven´t tried yet. Something that stir my imagination is the thought of making Avocado infused Tequila, but i don`t know how that would be done as the Avocado flesh seems hard to work with. has anyone tried this?
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